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    When the "IRS" calls from very far overseas on a bad connection I bust out laughing. They never know what to make of that. I've had them start over; try to sincerely "help" me understand the seriousness of my situation; swear. I laugh harder. *click*
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    Outdoor enclosures!!

    Don't know why that ^ posted here...I was aiming somewhere else! lol
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    Outdoor enclosures!!

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    Duck egg mystery

    As an official representative of the Reptoids...
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    Duck egg mystery

    You didn't say why snake wins against space aliens...
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    Duck egg mystery

    Or a gator...
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    Duck egg mystery

    Alien space probe beamed her up...
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    Baby spur thigh tortoises

    Although Sulcata used to be called African Spur-Thighed Tortoises, the OP is probably referring to the Mediterranean Greek species (which stays pretty small).
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    Article in July/August Issue of "REPTILES" Magazine

    Dude! Well done.
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    Question about Tortoise Food

    That product is basically made of grains, sugar, and mass-produced nutrients. It really should only be used as a vitamin/mineral supplement. Turtles and tortoises fed that type of thing on a daily basis are at high risk for being overweight, having disruption of their digestive flora, and other...
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    Which Are 'Friendly' ?

    "Friendly" is a social description. Tortoises are not social animals. The Yellowfoot/Redfoot species are a bit like aquatic turtles in that they can be situationally communal. This no doubt has to do with the fact that they evolved more closely associated with bodies of water and thick forest...
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    Is my tortoise healthy?

    This is the most up-to-date care information for Russians:
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    Storm drain

    Heck of a drop onto the 'crete.
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    Best birthday geift ever

    So pretty! You're a very thoughtful gift giver. =DD
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    Re-homing? NC-SC

    House prices here have doubled. Regardless of condition. How goes the adoption front?