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    Basking Red Foot?

    I have the water dish right under CHE, helps with humidity and keeps water from getting too cool when he wants to self soak.
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    What is this dead thing?

    Are you near water in Florida? Osprey rip flesh off their catch. And usually perch higher up while they eat.
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    New baby Sulcata; injured, pics, questions.

    My heart hurts seeing those pics. :( I really hope the beak issue is not due to mistreatment from a breeder. But a reputable breeder should not have sent a new & excited, hopeful owner an animal in that condition. Period. Many positive thoughts being sent to you, and that poor tortie, hoping...
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    Don't believe it's a cherry

    Things happen for a reason. You have a wonderful opportunity to give this beautiful Tortoise a better life than before. :) Enjoy
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    That tort needs medicine immediately and proper environment to recover!!! What temps and humidity percentage is she kept in? What equipment do you have to make adjustments for sick torts needs? Pics of current enclosure and current temps/humidity help tremendously!! These members want to help...
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    OMG! Find a reptile vet ASAP! I'm relatively new to tort keeping, but am a nurse, that sounds like respiratory infection! Very dangerous for little torts!! Start a new thread and ask more experienced members, but I'm sure all will say find a vet-STAT!! Good luck to you and your tort. Sending...
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    Eeww! The hoppers are bigger than my babies! And I draw the line line at cutting those nasty things up for them!! I've now gone full serial killer on grasshoppers in my garden using whatever weapon is handy! Lol
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    My RF's Love the leaves and especially the blooms!! Unfortunately, so the the grasshoppers, & I've had to trim them all the way back so the hoppers (hopefully! Lol) have to move on.. Will be a few weeks for it to grow back, and a few more to bloom again...:confused:
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    Diy tortise box build

    @Knap-Amazing! Seeing the finished product from the beginning pics of scrap materials.. (My late father was very handy and creative with building from misc. finds, also. :<3:) I KNEW you were from the South with the "fixin' to"..!! LOL :D I love it!! My mother's family is from Birmingham...
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    Tortoise Nursery Room

    @tortdad.."sexy growth"?! LOL :p
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    My Tortoise Keeps Flipping, Please HELP! Pics Included

    Hi Stephieee, I also have found one of my RF babies on her back after returning home from work. Such a terrible moment of absolute panic and fear! !:eek: I promptly removed the 1/2 log hide completely, and actually used a hammer and tapped on my clay pot to break it in half (vertically, if it...
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    Worried about Little Cherry Head

    My RF babies LOVE, LOVE peeled uncooked shrimp, without tails. Also hard boiled egg, white and yolk, cut up was popular. @tortdad, so glad someone else calls them rolie-polies, too!! I honestly didn't know what else they're called. Must be a southern thing! LOl
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    Fading on shell?

    My baby with the extra scutes is from Mrs. Slowcomb. She's turning into quite the eater these last few days! The other tort is very adventurous and active ( only one to flip several times so far :eek:), her mom is Minnie. I'm calling them girls for now, no real names yet. (Watching for...
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    Fading on shell?

    Hi. Just saw this thread. That's an adorable baby!! Was wondering if the odd patch had changed any? I also got my 2 RF hatchlings from Vicki last week, she was so great during the entire process, answering my (many!) Questions! :) Who's your baby momma?! :D Maybe we have siblings? Or clutch...
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    Introducing Rin and Yuki :)

    Mine just got here, also from Vicki! They are so awesome, not afraid, eating well, exploring enclosure... I could not be happier with my choice!! ( I was considering a more local breeder) Who are your babies momma's?! Lol