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    help need for indoor enclosure ???

    Post a picture of your new tort when it arrives and you will get more informative answers. Good luck!
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    Hello from a new tortoise owner!

    I'm not certain your 100 watt is a coil bulb. Do you have a picture of the bulb or the box it came in? 100 watts is too many watts to be a compact florescent unless it is proclaiming to be a 100 watt in terms of equal lumens output.
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    Loss of appetite

    If the tortoise is impacted, then his soaks will show little or no excrement. For a tort that is not eating a long soak in a big flat container will help the tort get exercise and stimulate the bowel movement. Some will use a kiddie pool or a bath tub. Sanitize container after use. It is...
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    Hello from a new tortoise owner!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Very very sick Sulcata. Advice?

    Good luck to Ms Norris! :)
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    Soaking tortoise

    Many of the keepers on this forum advise both a warm and humid closed enclosure and soaking twice a day to give them the best start. See some of Tom's threads for examples. Good luck.
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    Tortoise lighting confirmation

    I find that the vinyl floor covering last quite long and can be run up the sides to provide a sealed basin like design for holding moisture. To make your corners you may need to soften the vinyl by heating it with a hair dryer when installing it. I like the idea of having a tube light and the...
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    New and improved indoor enclosure

    Nice work. I do worry about your water "bowl" being you mentioned he flipped over. While the entrance seems sloped properly the sides seem steep enough to be a flipping hazard. Good luck, and very good looking enclosure and tort.
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    First World tort problems

    I keep a dozen of the standard 75 w flood bulbs for use a basking lamp in case I have a bad run of UV MVB burning out.
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    Where did my Russian Tortoise go?

    I would try watering along the wall that was shady when your tort went missing. During the heat of the day they will seek shade first and dig in where ever they can find soft dirt. And they like to dig under a rock or tree root in order to protect their lair.
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    I'm new and just need a answeri

    Glad to hear we have another SE VA member. For raising Sullies, the SE part of VA will give a milder winter than the western part or the northern part. I'm in Portsmouth and work in Suffolk. So, we're almost neighbors. Good luck!
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    I'm new and just need a answeri

    In what part of VA are you located?
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    I'm new and just need a answeri

    You will get a more informed reply if you can show detailed pictures.
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    Help: Sluggish/weak moving Russian tortoise

    You have already received some great advice. At such a young age it's difficult to determine the sex of a Russian tortoise. So, don't be surprised if she turns out to be a he. From looking at your pictures I'm guessing your tort may be a little dehydrated. The younger torts grow heathy when...
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    Turtle Hospital

    Very nice I'll have to add this to my list of places to visit. I do a little scuba diving and there are not enough words to express the feeling I get when doing a drift dive with sea turtles. Such graceful creatures!