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  • And little Axl is an EASTERN hermanns tortoise. Took be a bit to learn all the terminology and anatomy to understand. Peeved the seller sold him as a western and probably knows so but no matter. He is my little scutting monster!
    Axl is returning to normal. Seems I allowed him to get full and cold. Bad momma.

    Did anyone else frantically take notes for the first while? I have pages and pages full...mostly from this site and all your experiences

    Thank you.
    Noticed a poop while poking around Axls enclosure. Moved his light into the middle to raise the temperature in the whole space a bit. His eyes have opened fully again and he is eating his salads and doing his rounds.

    Clearly he doesn't like a lot of change.
    Little Axl has both eyes closed this morning, even after our 20 min bath session.
    I changed his substrate last night to EcoEarth and this mornings humidity is 80%.
    He is just chilling under his lamp, legs out stretched and sometimes tucks his head way in.
    I also fed him mazuri tortoise food yesterday for the first time. It was a store packed bag so I will call and ask what type exactly it is.
    In the last two days the magnolia tree across the street has exploded in blossoms. A check at TTT and it says safe in moderation. Considering the little dude is learning new foods, I broke off a blossom and pulled the nice soft petal from inside out.

    We shall see!
    Second day with the Axl eating! Problem is he will only touch romaine lettuce. I will continue to put other options with the lettuce as well but does anyone have any suggestions to get him to eat his wild greens?
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    It takes a while for them to branch out and eat different things...my little guy is just under 8 months and just starting to eat a few different items...just keep introducing and maybe mix in with other things he does like :)
    Yes! Today after five days he finally ate the plantain! So far, three new foods!

    Do you feed a type of pellet or just veg?
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