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    Georgia going to the...

    That's one of the things I really like about them, the size. Except it makes it harder for me to have one with the winters. If I had another unused room to dedicate to it, I'd have one.
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    Georgia going to the...

    If they can survive freezing temps they should come here. I would love to have lizards in the wild. I'd also like to own a tegu.
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    Free Time Projects

    Now I'm jealous! Palm and Plumeria trees are my all time fave. I have 2 plumeria that I have growing and bring them in, in winter. Unfortunately i had a lot of them that i got from a lovely forum member but only 2 survived. I have tried the cold hardy palms that some people in Illinois keep...
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    Similar to this just not standing on end.
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    My tortoise laid an egg for the first time.

    @HermanniChris can you offer some help please.
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    Sorry I did this 9 years ago and dont have any photos any more. I will try to explain. Get two 50 gallon or larger storage tote boxes. You want them long with tall sides not short sides. Then in the side that you want too attach the second one to. You cut a hole in each tote. Then I used a...
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    So this just happened...

    Awww so darn cute. Glad you didnt swat first.
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    Need to know if my land tortoise is female or male?

    Hmmm seeing you think we can tell you without seeing pictures of your tortoise then I'm going to say its male or female.
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    Insurance and vet suggestions in Washington

    Don't know of any that covers tortoises. However it's likely you would pay way too much for it. Tortoises don't need a lot of vet visits if the care is correct. I have had mine since 2011 and the only one that ever went to a vet was a female that I jumped the gun on about being egg bound.
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    Swirls inside shell.

    No not an infection. Many many tortoises have them.
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    Rehabbing orphaned 6 week old groundhog- pinworms need advice

    What! Ground hogs are adorable. Besides does the UK have a hedgehog that predicts whether spring is near? Lol
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    Post Drowning

    I would take him to a reputable vet for xrays and possible antibiotics/treatment for pneumonia. I am not one to run to a vet or to suggest it. However I think in this situation its warranted. I also hope the pool is getting blocked off.
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    Turt Mom, wannabe Tort Mom

    We have a good RF section with care guidelines so be sure to check that out. Also the advice already given. I don't see any water in the turtle tank. I'm sure there is. However they do need a very large aquarium in order to have enough land and water area Also please never take from the...
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    Humidity in the Wild

    I'm not surprised its humid but I'm surprised it's that humid and with the temp still remaining almost as high as the outside. Love that you found this.
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    Lmao, boy for a deleted post this sure took off. Is everyone a bit quarantine crazy🤪