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    Never thought I'd get eggs :,)

    I haven't posted on tortoise forum in a good while. Honestly, there isn't much to post once you get to a certain point. I've got two Russian males and two females. My larger male ~5" has been making his best attempts to mount my 7" female for the past two or three years now with no success. I...
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    Hey Duff. I'm in La Jolla and I've also been experiencing that uncharacteristically cold weather. My leopard is about 4 years old and is housed outdoors nearly all year round. If it's under 65 degrees during the day, I just provide him with a regular heating bulb that he likes to sit under to...
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    Cold weather and leopard tortoises

    It's getting a tiny bit chilly here in San Diego. I've been bringing my leopard tortoise inside at night whenever it gets lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Just out of curiosity, what would be the limit for an adult leopard tortoise? My Russians stay outside all year long, but what temps do you...
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    Large Russians??

    I feel bad for my little boys. Chasing some tail but they just don't make the cut with her!!!!
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    Large Russians??

    I feel like my girl Selva is pretty big. She's nearly 3x the size of my largest male. Does anyone else have big Russians like this? See pictures below.
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    Tail issues :(

    My baby cherryhead has some odd growth/infection I don't know on his little tail. It's all white and squishy. Thoughts? Has anyone had this happen? I'm planning on going to the vet tomorrow afternoon, but if I can prevent it then I'd prefer to do that. (see picture)
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    Great job N2TORTS

    Just like to thank Jeff for our 4 new cherry head babies. I literally haven't ever had a new tort be so social and easy to take care of right after getting them. They're everything he says they are in his ads and more. He's also a cool guy! Thanks man Haven't ever had torts this young eat wild...
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    Where's Uno (where's waldo but better)

    Note, I never lost contact with him. I took this photo because I could, and I didn't let him run around in there. I would never risk losing him! :)
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    UCSD tortoise

    Uno the tortoise is enjoying the sun and having fun at college. While I study and keep a close eye on him, he runs around the grass and gets attention from the occasional passerby. Just an overall great first day back.
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    MBD tortoise

    I understand and completely agree with all above statements. I just wanted to confirm my fears and will absolutely keep her separate from everyone else. Better to check the facts instead of going against your first instincts and make the wrong decision, right? Thanks everyone :)
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    MBD tortoise

    So I rescued a russian tortoise earlier this year and we are planning on taking the side yard of our house and making one large tortoise enclosure. It will have plenty of sight barriers, but we are worried about our little MBD tortoise with the males. She is doing well and is happy to be on a...
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    What is this turtle??

    My auntie found this turtle walking around in the hot Californian sun (it was 90 degrees today). I've got no clue what kind of turtle this is or how to take care of it. Is it native to California and can I put it back? I'll probably try to get it to my local California Tortoise and Turtle Club...
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    My dad would absolutely love a baby CDT. Problem is, we just took in another big female russian tort from the CTTC valley chapter and don't have the room right now. Well, we do, but my parents have an extensive garden that they will never relinquish. I call it the Simi Valley botanical garden...
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    Leopard Tortiose Care

    1: Definitely depends on many factors. If possible, ask to see the size of the parents. 2: Most people say that leopards reach adulthood from 8-12 years depending on diet and conditions as stated by Tom. 3: IF you do a single, it would be best. Make sure you have more than enough space for...
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    Admitted to UCSD!!!

    I've visited the college multiple times. I'm definitely looking forward to the food!!!