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    It's spring... we've had Scooter for one year.

    No Questions or concerns... just a few pictures from a proud family of our little boy who will be four years old at the end of May. Comment: He does not like loud noises such as garbage trucks, the neighbor's lawn mower or low flying helicopters. He will hurry over and crawl under my arm or...
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    Looking to purchase a Russian Tortoise

    Our Scooter came from Carol. She is great and loves to get reports of how her tortoises are doing. She will answer any questions you have, even after purchase.
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    If no one in our family can take care of our tortoise (a Russian) then I have permission from his breeder to be in our will to receive him back.
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    Tortoise leash and outfits? Check sizes carefully. Or using this as a pattern you can make your own.
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    Do tortoises prefer owner's scent over something strange?

    I recently built him a little hut and put in a super soft cloth we had around the house. But the hut needed something more, so we bought a little gray stoll like thing from the thrift store. When he went into the hut, he essentially dug and kicked out the gray stoll and didn't bother the soft...
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    Do tortoises prefer owner's scent over something strange?

    Thus, he has his own shirt. He is currently digging around in his now-washed, I've-worn shirt, and has already put a little hole it in from his claws.
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    Do tortoises prefer owner's scent over something strange?

    CarolS is Scooter's breeder and she has seen very recent pictures of him. She reported to me that he looks happy and healthy. I sent her an email with these pictures this evening. I'll see what she says, but I think it is just the angle the picture was taken because often from a certain...
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    Do tortoises prefer owner's scent over something strange?

    Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had Scooter climb into my fleece and flannel shirts, digging down into my sleeves. I think I sent pictures of him in my fleece hoodie, and today it’s my red flannel shirt. So, not being too thrilled with the idea of Scooter possibly digging holes into my...
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    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    Victoriatori, we would love to see pictures of your little tortoise. Would you be able to post pictures when you can? Does he/it have a name? Thank you so much for rescuing the little fellow and for desiring to do the best you can for him. Don't worry, we've got your back. Welcome to the...
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    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    Thank you for rescuing the tortoise and striving to provide for him. I'm a new tortoise owner (along with my daughter) receiving our tortoise in April. There is also a care sheet somewhere that I'm sure someone will post for you. Regarding food. I use this database as a guide...
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    My RT is a chunker!

    Could you submit pictures so we can get a look at him? It may help us identify what is going on.
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    I would like to get a Russian tortoise! (I've never owned a tortoise before)

    I agree, buy from a breeder! We bought from @CarolS and she is fantastic! Thank you for starting to ask questions. That shows you are willing to do your research before committing to a pet that may outlive you. Do a lot of looking and reading and asking questions on this forum. Look at a lot...
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    Russian won’t stop scratching!

    Is that fact that is it new causing her to stress and dig? She was taken from something familiar and put into something unfamiliar. Is there any way you can put familiar objects back to help her? I'm a new tortoise owner so I certainly don't have all the answers, but that was the first thing...
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    Looking for a baby Russian tortoise

    We got our Scooter from Carol S. I highly recommend her.