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    Come on, us your turtle signs!!

    Here is my adorable turtle sign. I got it at the Birch Aquarium!
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    Kalahari Tent tortoise

    Again, it is not impossible to keep them, just unwise and expensive. The equipment alone being used in these pictures runs for $10,000+. This also appears to be some kind of research institution which may in fact be in Africa, based off of all the pictures of them in the wild and the...
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    Succulent Question

    They don't die after flowering. I have had one for many years and they flower in the winter here.
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    Mata mata turtles...

    That is a VERY good deal.
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    Kalahari Tent tortoise

    This site just shows a few pictures. It doesn't say whether this is a zoo or private keeper. You also don't know where this person is located and how much they spent on the enclosures and tortoises nor how long the tortoises lived or are living. Just because there are a few pictures of something...
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    You know that you are a tortoise maniac when you go to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin for your tortoise to eat.
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    So, is pyramiding really bad?

    The wild tortoises that do get pyramided are most often the ones that live near human settlements and eat refuse and food waste. It is not due to their natural diet.
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    She looks great! I can't wait to see some pictures of her and the herd.
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    is this a scam?

    There are some Aldabras in the background of the first picture!
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    Some of my tortoises

    If you ever have any baby Sudanese sulcatas for sale, just give me a PM...
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    Wall of Tortoise Taxidermy (Pics)

    The reason they paint the preserved specimens is because the natural colours fade over time.
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    Mata mata turtles...

    They have two mata mata pages, one that just says mata mata and another that says mata mata (hatchlings). There is still one available on the hatchling page.
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    Mata mata turtles...

    They are an excellent pet store. A while ago they had a pair of Galapagos torts for sale. They called them the 60,000 dollar lawn mowers. has some captive bred mata mata babies for sale at $450 each.
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    Mata mata turtles...

    Pet Kingdom, a very good exotic pet store in San Diego. I am afraid that they do not sell online. Their selection is great, lots of turtles and tortoises.