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    My sulcata swallowed a screw!

    Hope everything works out. God bless!
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    Screaming tortoise

    Can tortoises eat Okra? Maybe there is too many seeds in there causing the constipation?!?!
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    Belly is Soft

    That tort looks small for 8-11 months age. Are you sure he's that old?
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    Is there an app for plant identification?

    I've tried PlantSnap and at first it seems like a very cool app but I've noticed it's usually wrong. Your mileage may vary.
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    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    I just started reading the 1st page of this thread and the math is way off on that page! It's a good thing we're not counting votes! 😅 I got 1 tortoise. (1639)
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    Anyone else experience THIS? (theft of tortoise)

    I've been broken into a few times. Now stealing someone's pet, that's just really low. I hope you find him.
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    What should I do with this one?

    According to Wikipedia, if the true owner does not arrive to claim the property within a certain period of time (this is defined by the Torts Act 1977 as 3 months from the date of finding), the property is returned to the finder as his own.
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    What should I do with this one?

    Glad you found the tortoise. It's got some severe pyramiding.
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    My dog is afraid of her water. Your thoughts?

    @maggie3fan Just to clarify, I'm calling our dog a miniature golden doodle now. She is about the size of a cat. Definitely, not as big as the full size ones!
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    Florida Gopher tortoise help!

    Yeah, she looks almost like my Sonoran. I'd be curious to see a better picture of her hind legs. That's one way to help determine difference between species.
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    Bought a cherryhead from “tortoise town”

    Cool looking tortoise!
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    My tortoises are overweight

    What's their weight? I could compare them against mine which is around 11 months old. Mine's a rescue so the age is estimated.
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    How to responsibly buy an RT

    How are they getting wild caught russian torts into the country? Is it legal to import them or is it illegal similar to the illegal smuggling of parrots?
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    My baby Aldabra !

    J32 looks awesome!