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    Fun cute pictures of Otis!

    I love the one with the pool balls
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    So sorry to find your tort like that. I think it helps to know that other people have had this same thing happen and they feel your pain. People that don't own a tort will never know the loss of one.
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    Lost redfoot tortoise in backyard, help!

    Well that's great to hear. Tell him not to stress you out like that again.Lol
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    Lost redfoot tortoise in backyard, help!

    Have you found your tort yet?
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    Lost redfoot tortoise in backyard, help!

    I'm not sure. I would suggest you get down and look. You could put out some fliers in you neighbors but I bet he's still somewhere in your yard. Also he might have debris on top of him. Is there a special place he eats at?
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    Lost redfoot tortoise in backyard, help!

    He probably just hid out somewhere in your yard. They are very good at blending in. I live in Kansas also have have a baby redfoot. I know the storms were bad. Don't give up hope.
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    Why is a tortoise a bad gunfighter? Because he only has 1 shell.
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    Home protection tortoise

    Omg I love it😃
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    The ads were enough to have me become a supporting member
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    Well, at least I'm glad I'm not the only one
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    Is it just me or is there more of these black pop-up ads. I hardly get a chance to read the post and I have to tap the x on the ads.
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    A little poem

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    Another tortoise thief!

    I'm on Facebook I'll keep an eye out for them