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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    Land portion, use organic soil. Mix it with sand if your going to have some females. Or omit the sand as mixture. Aquatic portion I use water hyacinth and Umbrella papyrus.
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    ID that Turtle ( Challenge No.3)

    Mauremys caspica?
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    ID this Turtle (Challenge 1 )

    TBH I am absolutely wanting this turtle! It beautiful!!
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    ID this turtle (Challenge No.2)

    Albino Chinese Box Turtle?
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    ID this Turtle (Challenge 1 )

    It like a mix between Sacalia and Mauremys! LOL
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    Muccia and her eggs

    I think I should take her to the vet to see if she gravid. Rarely does she leave her pond. This is the second time she went out of water. I put her in my mom vegetable garden. It not far from the pond. So I hope She feel comfortable and hopefully she find a suitable spot to make a nest.
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    my baby striped mud turtle won't eat

    Try putting some bloodworms. Or live crickets.
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    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    These are very fascinating Cuora species. Their one for sale with the turtle source, but oh man the price is not for me! lol
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    Diy pond or large aquarium filter.

    I’m relatively simple with my DIY filter. A 5 gal bucket PVC piping And a fountain pump pumping 800 GPH. I only use lava rocks as media. It been working well with my outdoor spotted turtle enclosure. My water was brown green now it crystal clear!
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    Spotted Turtle Love

    Very interesting to see your neonates to bask. When Neige and Lindy were at neonate stage, they NEVER basked!
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    Rare turtle found

    Is it albino?
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    Muccia and her eggs

    Her beak was already bought like that. I think it caused by the time she was caught for pet trade. Her condition has been disclosed by Turtles&Tortoise inc. I was startled too initially. But it seem she very robust. I kept eye on her everyday to be sure she fine. So far I see a normal turtle.
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    Muccia and her eggs

    Today my mom saw my female European Pond Turtle out of the pond. She looks very dry and covered in spider webs. I wetted her with cool water. But for now I placed her in a tub with some organic dirt. Hopefully she will lay but she feel slightly less heavy than before? So that might be a sign she...
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    Spotted Turtle Love

    Oh man! You NEED to share the entire enclosure of your spotted turtles. You successfully keep painted turtles with them? I am too skittish to even try to mix with anything with Spotted Turtles. Hit me up when have some surplus...I don’t normally ask members since I do not know their intentions...
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    Spotted Turtle Love

    It been a childhood dream to have them and to eventually breed them. I’m more excited to when my Female Euro Pond will be gravid. lol