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    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    I’ll move her to another one of her favorite areas tonight during her soak. It’s inside the same enclosed area I’m assuming she hasn’t gone there since she started acting funny cos it requires a bit of climbing.
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    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    She did escape her enclosure once in the past week. Pretty sure she’s shopping around. I wouldn’t mind moving her to another enclosure with different soil conditions. I’m concerned if it’d be too radical an environment change for her. Should I “arrange” an escape for her into another enclosure?
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    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    Thanks Mark. I guess I’ll sit back and wait for her lay then. Is there anything I can do to help her at this stage?
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    Odd behavior. Egg bound?

    My 5 year old female star has been acting a bit odd lately. First I saw her sniffing the ground in area I had already identified as a viable nesting site. I quickly removed the male assuming the female was about to lay. It’s been over a week now. She’s no longer sniffing but acting rather lazy...
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    Star breeding questions and observations

    Hi guys, Having had my male star for a good 20+ years I was thinking of getting some tortoise offspring for my offspring so he too will have a lifetime pet, or 2. But being in Sri Lanka due to their threatened state I don’t wish to pick up any stars from the wild. It’s also illegal sell them in...
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    Greetings from Sri Lanka

    A big hello to my fellow reptile lovers. I’m from Sri Lanka. My tortoise is a Sri Lankan star (naturally) named turbo. We obtained turbo back in 1996 from a neighborhood fish collector for $1. So yes, he must be a wild caught specimen. But being so close to the capital city he wouldn’t have...