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    Small turtle

    Have you considered a male reeve's turtle? They max out at around 5".
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    Have you done anything about the hawksbill yet?
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    Mata Mata

    Love the last pic. ;)
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    63 Dead turtles found in creek in Australia

    Maybe eutrophication is to blame? Sad news.
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    LOL I'm on it. ;)
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    Decomposed granite, like Kelly said, is great for arid species. Anyone who keeps large varanids will tell you this. Here's a pic of what it looks like:
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    A bit unlikely. Chicken turtles have very smooth marginal scutes.
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    INSPIRATION~~ This guy has a really nice outdoor setup. :cool: It can easily be replicated indoors.
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    [split] Ploughshare discussion

    Neither can they be solved by hunting endangered species. What happens when they become locally extinct or move away? This is why you need alternative methods. With alternative methods, you're at least guaranteed a sustainable source of food. I forgot to mention this earlier, but an increasing...
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    Buying an adult tegu

    Thanks, I guess I'll start working on that 8x5x4 cage now. :rolleyes:
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    He looks like a copper stained Rio Grande cooter to me.
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    What is the different between ploughshare tortoise nd sulcata?

    But those would be grandfathered ploughshares if I'm not mistaken? (meaning they were kept in the states before CITES laws and restrictions were in place)
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    Buying an adult tegu

    Some people recommend buying a juvenile tegu at first because they're easier to tame and referred to as "clean slates." The only Canadian breeder I know of has to wait until August or September to get hatchlings. I cannot seem to find juvenile Argentine black and whites (one person claimed to...
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    Great improvements on your radiated and ploughshare setups. :cool: As for the sea turtles though, no offense, but you should really give the hawksbill to a research institute or better, release it back into the ocean. It will be much happier there. Sea turtles are some of the most graceful...