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    It must really pay off with the things you need to buy.
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    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    I am getting 1. If that counts it would be 1,256
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    How much Aldabra tortoises do you have and how do you take care of all of them?
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    A little Christmas Story for all members

    Cute story. This little rich boy needs to be taught a lesson.
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    I saw something funny on a video once. Forgot the name of the video. So the video had two tortoises getting fed at the zoo. The second one was more into looking and sniffing at the other ones tail then eating. They might be intelligent but very silly.
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    Naming a girl tortoise

    One is a split pea challenge, I don't know the price or anything. The other is tech4innovation and the winner gets $250 and a laptop.
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    Still "Hot" in SW Florida, USA

    Tortoise: Can you spray that hose on me again? It's so hot. When is hibernation time? Blah blah blah
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    This is so funny. It looks like they want to eat it.
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    Now here's something you don't see everyday

    Officer: Is even the right city? Tortoise: Let's go to Kansas .I heard there is a lot of vegetables there.
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    Naming a girl tortoise

    I have contests at my school and one is the winner will get $250 and if I win think about all that nice stuff I could give that lucky tortoise.
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    Very vocal redfoot

    If it's like a baby saying ahhh it means there in love with something,sick,I'll or in water.
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    Sick Horsfield! New owner in need of help!

    That's very good advice from joesmum
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    Naming a girl tortoise

    I try to convince my dad by being good because sometimes he gets stuff early if I'm very good