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    True Sri Lankan Adult Star Group 1.3

    After much thought and best interest of my tortoise group, I have decided to sell this group. They had a fantastic outdoor setup in Sunny Tucson, AZ but with moving to the White Mountains, I don't feel this climate/area is best for them. They have all been together the entire time without any...
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    Mixing species

    Excellent article that covered key points we as tortoise keepers have discussed in previous posts:)
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    Completed my outdoor enclosure

    Very nice! I like it:)
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    Male or female ?

    Still small, but both look female:)
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    Is this a desert tortoise?

    Here is some information on care/husbandry:)
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    Nice Looking Leopard Hatchling

    Neal~fun thread:) your lil leo is quite the unique one. I too agree that you hang onto it and see how it grows. Let us know if any of the other eggs hatch and look like that. Thanks for sharing...beautiful indeed!!
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    Male Leopard Tortoise 8 1/2 inches

    Hello! I have a male Leopard tortoise that measures 8 1/2 inches (SCL). He is very healthy and is constantly mounting my other tortoises. He is currently living outdoors in Arizona and feeding on grasses, weeds, and mazuri. He does have some pyramiding. I have reduced the price to $375 plus...
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    Adult Male Leopard Tortoise 10+ inches

    I have for sale an Adult Male Leopard tortoise with a SCL of about 10 1/2 inches. He has a very smooth shell. He currently is living outdoors in Arizona and feeding on grasses and weeds with added mazuri. I have him priced higher on other sites, but for forum members, I am asking $475 plus...
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    4 Sub-Adult Leopard Tortoises Sale

    Tortoises sale Hello Forum Friends: I have decided to sell these 4 sub-adult tortoises. I believe the group to be 1.3 but request you to verify and judge for yourself and I do not guarantee sex due to size. I am fairly confident of their sexes though. First let me tell you the background...
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    A little bird told me..........

    Congratulations Chris! May your BIG day be blessed with many wonderful memories:)
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    2 leopards sex

    I concur...females:) With Leopards of that size, it's typical to see pronounced longer tails when male.
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    Egg dissection of dried up 'dud' egg revealed tiny dead RT fetus - (WARNING: graphic pics!)

    Wow that is truly phenomenal and appreciate the thread. Development had to of gone well for awhile, given the life form already created. It's interesting how you didn't see the veins connect the same as the other two in the beginning though. It looks like in the second picture the yolk sac was...
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    Male or female help!