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    Meet Stuffy

    Hi, great to see more people with elongated! They are one of my favorite species! They are very friendly and social, very gentle! I recently just added a second one. Great choice!
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    Meet my new elongated baby. Officially own 2 now.

    My long overdue update on my first elongated... I really love the species... definitely a favorite of mine
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    Meet my new elongated baby. Officially own 2 now.

    Am loving the light shell... my other one is much different. But he’s grown so much since my last update!
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    What does a reduced eye mean?

    No other info was given.
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    Boy girl or both?

    I know.. one can dream, can’t they? [emoji23].. id like to name them something other than Sheldon [emoji23]
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    With any animal keep clean, wash hands, wash surfaces. Etc.. practice safe handing as you do your foods.
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    Boy girl or both?

    I know it’s very early.. I know this can change.. but to me one is leaning girl, and the other boy [emoji848]
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    Boy girl or both?

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    Weird growth on beak

    I’m with the others, the beak needs trimming. And very well could have caused injury or etc, from attempting to eat off alignment. It could be a totally different issue, such as maybe an abscess. Either way, the beak needs trimming.
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    Russian tortoise substrate brand

    I never had bugs in my substrate. Are they outside? Could old food be in your enclosure ?
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    Which tortoise do I own

    Russian, make sure you soak he looks dry. I would also change out your substrate to something like coco coir, top soil mixture .. or other tort friendly bedding.
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    Does my Tortoise look healthy?

    Looks nice, little dry on the head. Make sure you soak.