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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    If you are using the Ho bulb for UV, it should only be on for 1-3 hours mid day. If you want light from an HO bulb, get one in the 5000-6500K color range for best results, but not a UV tube. Its fine to have both, as one is for ambient light all day, and the other is just for some mid day UV...
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    Tortoise going crazy over calcium rocks?

    What is a calcium rock? Can we get a pic?
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    Best substrate?

    Coco coir. AKA, Eco-Earth, or Bed-a-Beast. Here is all the care info, including a section on substrate:
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    LEDs work as well or better and use a fraction of the eclecticity. If you need more heat in a closed chamber in a cold room, then HO tubes are great for ambient light. If you don't need more heat, then LEDs are the way to go. When tortoises go outside, they need to be in a safe, secure...
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    Are these weeds safe for my Sulcata?

    Don't know the first one. Second one is sow thistle. Great tortoise food. Third is spurge. Its not deadly toxic, but they shouldn't really eat it much.
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    That should work. Yes.
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    Baby RFs Free to Good Homes in Florida

    Babies usually don't outright maul each other, but psychologically it is not good for them. It causes long term low grade stress. The dominant wants the submissive to leave and tell it so. The submissive wants to leave but it can't. This is a bad situation for both of them. Pair dynamics are...
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    Glass tank

    A 40 is the bare minimum for a tiny hatchling. At 6 months they should need something MUCH bigger. Do you have a kitchen scale? You should be weighing your baby weekly to make sure everything is okay.
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    Four different elements. Ambient heat, ambient light, basking lamp and UV if needed. If you are getting the tortoise outside a couple of times per week most of the year, or more, then you don't need indoor UV. If you do want indoor UV I would only run it 1-3 hours mid day, so you still need...
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    Nighttime heat

    Make or buy a large closed chamber with the lights inside. Solves this problem and makes life easy.
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    Building a new enclosure for my girl.

    Get a 4x8 sheet of plywood and put some 16-18 inch walls on it. Then mount a 2x4 on posts above the enclosure to hang all your lights from. Dump in 3-4 inches of fine grade orchid bark or cypress mulch and you are done. You can prime and paint it if you want. Put in a couple of large terra cotta...
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    Fogger hide for all tortoises?

    It doesn't matter where in the world you are. A closed chamber makes maintaining heat and humidity easy anywhere in the world. And humidifiers shouldn't be used anywhere in the world.
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    Total beginner needing advice

    Babies should be soaked daily. Hydration is critical for little ones. They also need warm temps and moderate humidity and it doesn't look like the enclosure they sold you can accomplish that. Heat mats should not be used under small tortoises in indoor habitats. Here is the current and correct...
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    Carapace irregular in places - Western Hermann's

    No apologies necessary. Its totally fine. Usually posts get much more response faster than what yours did, so I was just explaining. All of us are here to talk tortoises. Your questions and enthusiasm fuel the conversation. Don't hesitate to quote people or notify them so we can all have MORE...
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    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    More on bullet point 3: Ambient lighting is important. It should look bight and "sunny" in the indoor enclosures during the day. LEDs give bright balanced light, with very little heat, and very little electrical usage. Drive up to SCV and you can get a giant 2.0 cu. ft. bag of fine grade orchid...