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    Tortoise Penis or Possible Cloacal?

    I noticed that too with my tort and wasn't sure what it was, but then one day he 'flashed' me and I knew for sure then my "female" was most definitely a male!
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    New To the Forum

    Wow what an amazing job!! (Slightly jealous :p !!!)
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    Wow amazing enclosures! What a good idea with the ramp and dividers, look really secure too. your torts are beautiful you can tell they are well cared for and happy lucky torts!! Just out of interest, the blue ball in one of the pics, do they bother with it?
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    Mmmm hope she enjoyed! She's so beautiful, who could not spoil her with looks like that
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    Advice Needed- tortoise invited to school

    Let us know if you do how you get on!!!
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    Have 2 new sulcatas need help

    Yeh it's a tricky one, I can see arguments for both choices. Maybe just go with your gut instinct, as long as they are separated the little one should pick up
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    Thanks v much for all your great advice!! I will try him with a bit! I'm hoping he will at least try some! He's an adult horsfield so not really small, I think il try cutting a few chunks for him. That's really interesting I didn't know it was a natural dewormer
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    Advice Needed- tortoise invited to school

    I brought my horsfield into my god daughters nursery for "show and tell". Since he's not a large tortoise transportation was easy, I use the same method each time I transport him. I place him in a small cardboard box with shredded paper for bedding and to help prevent him being jerked around if...
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    Have 2 new sulcatas need help

    Welcome! You will lots of great advice here! Personally I would probably choose to put the dominant one in the new enclosure, I'm not sure if anyone would disagree with this? I think he sounds more likely to adapt better, and to let the smaller one stay in the enclosure he's familiar with and...
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    My Russian tortoise :)

    Beautiful tortoise! I love his markings, they are quite unique. Reminds me of when I got my little guy, he was almost the exact size as yours is! I like your ramp in your enclosure, just out of curiosity, what material is it covered in? Looks like it's got good grip
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    Not eating much. Need some advice!

    I always find my horsfield eats less around this time of year. Iv started not to worry so much now, as I reasoned that as long as he's eating something, kept well hydrated, going to the toilet, and reasonably active that he is healthy. And I keep an eye on his weight as long as he's not losing a...
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    Some nutritional aspects of Opuntia, with citation.

    Do you guys cut the spiky bits off? I tried feeding it and he took one look at the prickles, pulled a face and left it. By the next day he had trampled all over it and I just ended up throwing it out
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    Sorry if this topic has already been visited.. I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. Noticed a few posts about people feeding their torts pumpkin (what with the huge abundance of them around Halloween!) And my question is: I have a horsfield tortoise, would it be suitable to feed him a...
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    Vietnam Tortoise - Cuora bourreti

    Wow, I haven't seen these species before, beautiful
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    Water Temperature for Russian Baby Soaking

    Also helps if you use a container that they can't see out of (I.e. Not see through sides or shallow sides) otherwise they tend to just focus on escaping. My Russian is only soaked a few times a week but he isn't a baby, they should be soaked more. Also you should always give your tortoise access...