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  1. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Gender Reveal

    “Her” name is Karla but I think it may have to be changed to Karl [emoji51]What do you think?
  2. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    How much are 100+Lbs Sulcata

    Hi, I have a friend who is looking to sell her over 100Lbs female Sulcata but she doesn’t have a clue how much they’re going for, we live in Louisiana if that makes a difference.
  3. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Russian Tortoise needs new home

    Hello, I have a 5 year old Russian Tortoise who needs a new home. I’ve never shopped and I honestly don’t want to start now, I live fairly far from all available airport. I live in Mandeville Louisiana which is about a 50 minute drive from New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Please text me between the...
  4. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tbt...Posted on FB 3 years ago

    LOL, thank you Jaizei for clearing that up for everyone. :)
  5. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tbt...Posted on FB 3 years ago

    I get the concerns, I should have clarified that they DO NOT LIVE INSIDE OUR HOME....the diaper idea was just a one day thing for cute pictures, sort of like Anne Geddes pictures of babies....my torts live outside in a big secured enclosure with a two room heated home. Sorry it made some of you...
  6. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Free Leopard Tortoise

    Angel, there's obviously a lot to read considering that there are 4 pages of comments by lots of people including yourself who seems to be bothered by everyone's interest to adopt the leopard now that critta has decided to keep him....administration could take the thread down if they want to I'm...
  7. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Free Leopard Tortoise

    I just sent you an email, I live in Mandeville and I would soooo happily take him if he's still available. I work at a Lab in Slidell so my hours are kind of weird compared to most people but I would gladly work it out so you can see for yourself that he can have a happy, healthy home here with...
  8. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tbt...Posted on FB 3 years ago

    They're sooooooooo much bigger, they are literally twice as big as they are in the pictures.
  9. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Sulcata for adoption

    I figured no tortoise lover would ask for a Sulcata if they were living in Alaska but I figured it wouldn't hurt to point out the fact that it wouldn't be in the best interest of the tort to be sent somewhere cold. :)
  10. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Sulcata for adoption

    Please don't send him to anywhere cold like Alaska. I live in Louisiana where it's about as perfect as it can be outside of their natural habitat and even here the winters are tough on them
  11. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Looking to rehome "Toby" the Sulcata Tortoise

    I can give him a fantabulous home, I have a huge yard and two other sulcata's who are spoiled rotten but I live all the way in Louisiana and I don't like the shipping option, I wish I could go all the way to pick him up but that's impossible at this time....I hope you find him a GREAT home. I'll...
  12. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Update for->INJURED BOX TURTLE...please help

    The vet that might have been able to save his little foot was not available yesterday, today and tomorrow I HAVE to go to work so it won't be until Thursday that I'll be able to try again if I can get someone to see her but I'm afraid her foot is unsalvageable, I cleaned with warm water...
  13. TheTortoiseWhisperer

    Tort table for sale in Mandeville Louisiana

    The hideout is removable, I use to put substrate on the top also as an additional area for my tort to hang out, the square with the ramp to the right of the photo is where I use to plant his eatable plants, the lamp hood on top is included. $175.00 OBO