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    Tort death

    I didn't read the original post recently but depending on the substrate and size of enclosure the water wouldn't be out of line. High humidity high heat above 80 in all corners is totally acceptable here. Leads to a very healthy smooth tortoise shell. When you keep high humidity you have to keep...
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    Leopard tortoise not growing

    You know....I wasn't thinking correctly. That pyramiding looks old. New growth is smooth. Sorry, it's been a backwards day. I think he's doing fine and he'll start to gain more and more as he gets bigger.
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    Leopard tortoise not growing

    Sounds good. Perhaps the pyramiding that I see was from the breeder. It kind of looks recent though. It could be he was small to begin with. if you're really getting the temperatures and humidity that you say you're getting then I believe he'll be fine and he'll grow. it's probably just that...
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    Leopard tortoise not growing

    I didn't hear you mention humidity... He has a little pyramiding starting. when that happens you won't see the growth because it's upward instead of outward. But the fact that he is gaining weight is always a good thing. I would watch the variance in temperature in your enclosure. they need a...
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    Tortoise sitting

    Maybe your friend with the dog could take the tortoise into their home for care? If not, hire someone if it's an outside tortoise...if it's an inside tortoise hire someone to care for it in their home. has folks advertising for petsitting jobs. So does Craigslist. Care should be taken...
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    Need Help ID

    Looks like a gopher. Pretty sure. 99%.. Protected species. You can get in trouble here in Florida if you try to make a pet of it.
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    Enclosure vents?

    Vents are totally unnecessary as long as enclosure gets opened daily. Feeding, bathing or general wellness check should be done daily anyways so no worries there. Make sure your thermometer hygrometer is actually correct when it comes to humidity. Venting usually cause lower humidity. And high...
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    Enclosure vents?

    Careful with paint. Fumes take a while to dissipate. Especially oil based. May be a month or two before you'd be able to use it.
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    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Mostly but Sulcata baby diet includes more grass where other species babies won't touch grass...
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    Tessa is here!

    You can't oversoak a tortoise. A daily shallow warm bath would do him good. Not a necessity but won't hurt him.
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    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Thanks...I wanted to lead this owner to the site with all the food choices for his species but didn't know wait. The tortoise is an Egyptian...not a sulcata. I know there's one out there for Egyptians.
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    Just got 6 month old baby and it....

    Not actual shredded lettuce? That doesn't have any nutrients at all. might as well give him water. There's a library list of foods here for him though. Oportunia cactus pads, hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, store-bought mushrooms... I say store-bought because I don't know which ones are poisonous or...
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    Big brown...

    You're very welcome... I would get more than one thermometer/hygrometer. One for each end of the enclosure. Maybe even one in the middle to compare them all to... They're very inexpensive and pretty good quality. I didn't have any that failed. For peace of mind though I liked having multiple...