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    3 Month Old Seems Lethargic, Soft Plastron

    So sorry for your loss, I too just lost my little guy Dax lastnight :(
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    The Its babies! Any updates?

    I know its been a few years but I remember loving seeing the it babies, It1, It2, and It3. I think it was Dean S who had them but then sold them. Are their new parents on here?
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    Yay!! Starting new enclosure!

    Looks great!
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    Best way to preserve Hibiscus flower and leaf for winter?

    how did you dehydrate them I have tonnes growing also
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    Peek a Boo

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    Canadian source for Cactus pads?

    Hi I was hoping some of our canadian members could help me find cactus pads. I live in southern Ontario and can not find these anywhere. A few years ago I bought a plant at a nursery and it cost a arm and leg $90.00!!! Thanks Sandy
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    Carrot Soaks

    any updates?
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    New Stack of Animal Plastics CLosed Chambers

    What is a RHP?
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    How To Build A Temperature Controller for less than $20

    I just searched Amazon there is one that is 110v and a 12 v one for incubators etc. Is the 110volt one the one I want? Thanks Sandy
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    Drinking and bathing water

    Thank you everybody!
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    Drinking and bathing water

    I hope this isn't a silly question. My tap water has both chlorine and chloramines in it so I have been giving my tortoise bottled water for drinking. When it comes to soaking her will the tap water be ok? I also have many fish tanks so I have to treat the water for them, should I do the same...
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    My thoughts are with you and your family, I hope this storm settles down, be safe!
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    He sure is a cutie pie! I hope you and your family is doing ok, I see on the news you are getting hit hard from the storm.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Haha, the kitties have a play tower.