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    Is my 1 year old Russian stressed?

    Who is the tort in the last pic? Doesnt look like a Russian to me.
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    New Sulcata owner intro

    Post more pics! Beautiful sulcata. the more space the better for this species. Always keep warm. Warmer the better.. make sure you give them soaks a few times a week.. warm water and make sure you check for any discharge or lethargy when it comes to temperature changes. Monitor the sun room he...
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    Need help with baby sulcata please, im so stressed

    You need this to constantly check the temps and humdity.
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    Need help with baby sulcata please, im so stressed

    This is what I have my hatchling in with plexi glass on top. I lined inside the enclosure with cabinet liner.
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    Need help with baby sulcata please, im so stressed

    This is a good start, you’re going to have to go bigger with this type of species though. It can seem overwhelming but it will get better as you see them thrive/grow. First make the corrections in order to see growth. you need to get a thermostat to check temps humidity levels you can use spray...
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    Fussy eating Russian baby tortoise

    Avoid fruits at all costs. You want to incorporate leafy greens, herbs, flowers, weeds look at the
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    Tortoise bedding

    He is adorable 😍
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    Free baby box turtles just pay shipping

    @Tom @Yvonne G @maggie3fan @ZEROPILOT ummm who else am I missing that might want or know someone?
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    THE Road Widening - A Continuing Saga

    So my concerns are… are you losing really any property with that gate up? What are they exactly removing?
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    Worried about Ozzy

    What are the updates on him? Would love to know.
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    Normal tongue color?

    As long as its wet/ plush I wouldn’t worry.
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    Normal tongue color?

    Looks fine to me
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    Random…. But hear me out?

    My idea was: Using a zoom type video with live chat for comments for fast expedited information that can be addressed the days we have this zoom video live chat. My work uses Teams where you can get fast responses by video calls with live chats. Thought this would be useful for days on here...
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    Random…. But hear me out?

    Some people get frustrated to wait for end results through a thread, so I thought hmm make it fast and convenient by attending the video. It’s there hosted for those interested in learning.