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  • Hi! I was told there is another "tank" mommy on here. I had no idea when I chose my name and it doesn't alert you unless it is spelled the same I guess? Hope you don't mind. Our "tanks" are definitely different in appearance. My boys given name is TURDY but I call him Tank. Although for the last few days he has been more like Tankzilla...
    Pam (aka tanksmom)
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    Hey! I just saw this! Haven't visited my profile for awhile. Is your Tank a Sulcata as well? Mine came with the name. Nice to meet you. Sorry for the VERY late response. I wish I'd have gotten a notification of your message!
    Tank is unbelievably awesome !!! I am from louisiana st Martinville I think we have pretty near the same tempatures and humidity would you mind if I ask you questions every once in awhile.
    Here learn and share. Keeper of many different exotics over many years. My torts are special shell people! - Kymm
    Try this....tortoiseforum.org/threads/bobs-shed.20710/
    Learning to care for and nurture a beautiful 17 year old beast of a Sulcata named Tank, here for all the advice I can get!!!
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