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    T graeca no spurs, unidentified for 40+ years please help!

    Anything is possible, especially if there's any crossbreeding in the wild between those two subspecies. I know that the Hermann's tortoise lacks thigh spurs except for one particular locale that does have them. Chris works a lot with Greeks so I know he can provide more insight.
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    T graeca no spurs, unidentified for 40+ years please help!

    I also have some photos of soussensis on my website. I have a trio of hatchlings I bought from Chris and he sent me a few pictures of one of the parents.
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    Help Male or female

    Males have a much longer tail and a slit opening. Females have a short tail and a puckered opening. See these pics of mine for examples. More info on my website too...
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    My Pancake Group

    No bullying that I have noticed. Some are more shy than others and all have their favorite hiding place, which there are plenty available to them. They are certainly an awesome species, very different from the many Greeks that I have. I'm working on their permanent outdoor enclosure which will...
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    My Pancake Group

    Latest growth comparisons of my Pancake group. They are thriving beautifully!
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    Testudo graeca buxtoni

    Check with Andy at Arizona Tortoise Compound. I got a group of hatchlings from him last fall that I am currently raising to breed when they reach maturity.
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    Kapidolo Farms Gel Kits

    I feed it thawed, but it's cold from the fridge.
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    Kapidolo Farms Gel Kits

    If you haven't tried the Kapidolo Farms "Gel Kits," then I highly recommend you do! Each pack makes a large portion that you can refrigerate or freeze for later, and you can customize what you want in the kit. I've added this to the breakfast menu once a week and all my torts love it! Also easy...
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    New Tortoise Check In

    That's a Testudo graeca ibera.
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    Anybody Wanna Talk About The Food Items Sold By Kapidolo Farms?

    I've purchased just about everything from the Kapidolo Farms menu, including a handful of those "gel kits." My torts love it all, and I'm mixing a variety of the dried items into their food a few times a week. I also use the calcium carbonate powder to make my own calcium blocks. Will even...
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    My Pancake Group

    Growth progress pics! Approximately 2 months worth of growth. I love how their "burst" patterns are coming in...
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    Is this normal?

    The Testudo graeca species features random black markings on their plastron. It's a great way to help differentiate them from other species.
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    Worried about our new Greek hatchling (first time w/hatchling)

    They can last a couple weeks on their yolk sac reserves. Keep offering food and make sure the temperature and humidity levels are good. How is its activity? Eyes open and moving around?
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    Spur-thigh care questions

    The Mesopotamians do well in some cooler temps as long as they stay dry. Just remember they don't brumate. Beautiful subspecies indeed!