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    Kapidolo Farms Gel Kits

    I feed it thawed, but it's cold from the fridge.
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    Kapidolo Farms Gel Kits

    If you haven't tried the Kapidolo Farms "Gel Kits," then I highly recommend you do! Each pack makes a large portion that you can refrigerate or freeze for later, and you can customize what you want in the kit. I've added this to the breakfast menu once a week and all my torts love it! Also easy...
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    New Tortoise Check In

    That's a Testudo graeca ibera.
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    Anybody Wanna Talk About The Food Items Sold By Kapidolo Farms?

    I've purchased just about everything from the Kapidolo Farms menu, including a handful of those "gel kits." My torts love it all, and I'm mixing a variety of the dried items into their food a few times a week. I also use the calcium carbonate powder to make my own calcium blocks. Will even...
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    My Pancake Group

    Growth progress pics! Approximately 2 months worth of growth. I love how their "burst" patterns are coming in...
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    Is this normal?

    The Testudo graeca species features random black markings on their plastron. It's a great way to help differentiate them from other species.
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    Worried about our new Greek hatchling (first time w/hatchling)

    They can last a couple weeks on their yolk sac reserves. Keep offering food and make sure the temperature and humidity levels are good. How is its activity? Eyes open and moving around?
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    Spur-thigh care questions

    The Mesopotamians do well in some cooler temps as long as they stay dry. Just remember they don't brumate. Beautiful subspecies indeed!
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    Spur-thigh care questions

    I highly recommend the Ibera Greek subspecies. They are very hardy and can tolerate cooler temps. They do brumate during the winter as well, should you choose to let them. They are also more plentiful to find during breeding season.
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    Spur-thigh care questions

    The Tunisian is one if the more fragile subspecies of Greek Tortoise, so you will need to be extra careful about its environment. Too high humidity will result in respiratory infections, so drier substrate is preferred, with nice warm enclosure temperatures. There is some subspecies-specific...
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    Worried about our new Greek hatchling (first time w/hatchling)

    Scroll to the bottom of this page link for info on rearing Greek hatchlings. It's my website, that I provide information and pictures about the Greek subspecies.
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    Cheap bluetooth temp and humidity gauge

    I use those. They work great!
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    Should I buy incubated male or female?

    Some breeders do incubate at certain temperatures to try and encourage male or female gender, but it's never a guarantee, so I honestly wouldn't even worry about it. I have personally purchased two sets of Greek Ibera trios from a breeder friend of mine, 4 were incubated to be females and 2...
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    Thoughts on 18m old greek

    Excellent, smooth growth. You're doing a fabulous job. Definitely keep it up! When he/she reaches 5" in size, we can determine gender. I’ve had the best luck knowing gender when my torts reach that size. I remember you got your Atlas a month or two before I got my Atlas! (the dark Moroccan). So...
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    Checking on Tortoise Seller

    Just a heads up that the Radiated Tortoise is an endangered species and has special requirements (CBW Permit). What state do you live in? You will have to find a Radiated Tortoise breeder in your own state and get one, which doesn't require the permit. They'll ask you to provide proof that you...