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    Escapee leopard got too cold

    I think we're pretty much in the clear. I've had to keep him inside the last few days anyway because of a spring snowstorm (seriously glad I found him so quickly, this could've ended much worse), and he's eating and drinking and pooping and peeing and hissing at me when I try to check to make...
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    Escapee leopard got too cold

    Thank you for all the replies! I slowly raised the temp back up to the normal 85 and it took about 3 hours, but he did perk up. Didn't eat anything still, but that's alright. I also put out a dish of warm water, but didn't soak him yet. I will tomorrow. I'm greatly relieved to see that I...
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    Escapee leopard got too cold

    Hey everyone, my 6 year old leopard tortoise managed to escape his outdoor enclosure yesterday (I have already fixed it, he won't escape again), and I wasn't able to find him until this morning. He was out all night with temps in the low 40s, and very low humidity. I immediately brought him...
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    It worked! Thanks everyone!

    I just wanted to thank everyone here, last night it got into the 20s, and I was a little concerned about my outdoor leopard tortoise, but when I went to check on him this morning, he was totally fine in his 80 degree night box that I made based off the information I learned here. The lowest it...
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    rubber floor, humid hides for leopard

    Yeah I'm not worried about the inside of the coop being too cold, that will be heated and insulated, I'm just worried that even during the middle of the day in the summer, it's still not always warm enough outside. I'd hate to have to keep him indoors all year round.
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    rubber floor, humid hides for leopard

    Hello! I'm finally getting ready to build the enclosure for my adult leopard tortoise that I should be getting soon (he's been staying with family). I just want to verify that what I'm planning is ok. I'll be turning a chicken coop into a night box, I have studied Tom's thread, I was just...
  7. leopard tortoise enclosure

    leopard tortoise enclosure

    Progress pics of my outdoor leopard tortoise home
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    Ideas/questions for leopard enclosure

    Fantastic, that'll turn a week long job into a day job, and save quite a bit of money as well. I'll check out those night box threads, thanks!!
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    Ideas/questions for leopard enclosure

    Hello all, I'm getting ready to set up my first tortoise enclosure for an adult leopard tortoise. I live in a pine forest in the CO Springs area, and had been planning on using some old logs around here for the walls, but I'm beginning to second guess that idea. I know not to use pine mulch as...
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    Tortoise owners of Colorado??

    Hello everyone! I just moved to CO Springs and will have a 4 year old leopard tortoise joining me. We've got 2.5 acres, and no HoA, so I'm planning on converting a chicken coop into an awesome enclosure that should withstand most weather (although I'm still researching that). Definitely looking...
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    Hello from Colorado Springs

    Hello everyone! I am pretty new to tortoises (although I have decades of experience with other herps), my husband and I bought a baby leopard tortoise and then had to move to Hawaii for a few years, where we obviously could not take him. So he's been fostered at my very wonderful mother in law's...