I love my tortoises! I have one male california desert tortoise that I have owned since I was 9. Yes I have had him 24 years:) He is awesome! My mom got him for me from the San diego Turtle and Tortoise society in 1984 I believe it was. We were fosters for them and my mom had the pleasue of knowing a game warden when she was a kid that gave her a few tortoises. That's where i got my passion for torts.. My mommy;) Thanks mom!!!! I also recieved 3 hatchlings almost 5 years ago from a gentleman with a breeding pair! I feel really lucky to have them! He gave them to me the very day they hatched! They were so amazing to raise! I did just recieve a couple more Ca. desert Torts from "spikethebest" what a super cool gentleman he was!! And I had fun looking at his collection for sure! I love my new tortoises. So that makes a current total of 6 Ca. Desert Tortoises.
Location (City and/or State)
San Diego, Ca.