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    Any one know if RedfootNERD is still around?

    traitor...[hr] just kidding!haha
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    my other pets (pic heavy)

    woow where did you get your suggies?
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    How do you get a tortoise to start eating Mazuri?
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    not letting a tortoise walk on the floor

    RE: not leeting a tortoise walk on the floor i did not mean letting it loose just letting a tortoise walk on the floor.why would a cold draft give them RI?I read that even if you leave them for like 5 seconds it can lead to bad health conditions..
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    not letting a tortoise walk on the floor

    I read from some resources that we should not let our tortoise walk on the floor indoors because they could get RI?How can that happen? Help is appreciated!
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    Pesticide free grass sod

    ok thanks guys
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    Pesticide free grass sod

    please help
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    Pesticide free grass sod

    Hey guys I wanted know if I could pesticide free grass sod or if you guys just plant seeds.Is it ok for tortoises to graze on grass with pesticides?[hr] If I were to buy seeds what kind of grass should I buy?I live in SOCAL Los Angeles
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    Toucan Jungle

    lol k thanks Ed
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    Life career: Love it or not?

    Lol kadaan i used to be addicted to WOW
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    RT drinks a lot- is soaking still necessary?

    just soak them in warm water and they might like it.You should soak hatchlings daily because it is easier to get them dehydrated.
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    Natural Sunlight

    just rember to not give your tortoise supplements with D3 if you let them bask outside.they can get calcified kidneys i think.
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    French radiated

    AHHA je parle francais aussi...
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    Please help

    I went to 2 vets they said he looked good.