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    Show me your tats!!

    Of course for the torts to munch on.....
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    Show me your tats!!

    That’s pretty
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    Show me your tats!!

    Wondered where the torts were!
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    Warning about not having proper drainage in outdoor enclourses

    Wow so glad you were alert. I built my enclosure on top of a hill because we get lots of rain in winter
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    What enclosure should I get?

    Cute little guy. Go to care sheets for red foot torts
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    Donald's Thread

    Wow Walter is huge! How much does he weigh? Poor Enoch is getting smushed among other things.....
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    Donald's Thread

    Ooh what spiky legs he has. Such a good looking tortoise
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    Per request of someone, here are my tegus :)

    Very cool
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    Tortoise not wanting to soak?

    So beautiful to see well started babies
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    He grows so quick each month

    Beautiful markings
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    Tortoise not wanting to soak?

    He cannot soak in a saucer. I use a container that he can “swim” in. Duck his head to drink.
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    Looking for well started Sulcata hatchlings.

    You have come to the right place! Research what they need and @Tom is one of our go to guys. But we have several other people that can also help here
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    Wild box baby

    So cute and innocent 😇
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    Wild box baby

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    Cactus transplanting?

    Oh I like that answer