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    Blood on tail after humping a rock

    Yoshi’s been feeling horny and humping rocks in the yard almost every morning. These are smooth river rocks so no rough edges or anything. Today I noticed blood on his tail. Is this a cause for concern? Am giving him a warm bath now. Can I wipe it off with a cotton swab?
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    Tips for keeping Redfoot outdoors in Northern Cali?

    I was thinking maybe box turtles as an alternative since they won’t need a heated house but if the humidity requirements are the same as redfoots probably not a good choice.
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    Tips for keeping Redfoot outdoors in Northern Cali?

    I live in Elk Grove, Ca. Summers here are HOT and pretty dry. Winters in the 30’s. Currently I have a 6 yr old leopard, Yoshi, who has a heated house and has the whole yard to graze and explore. Am thinking of adding a couple of redfoots for my sideyard separate from Yoshi. I plan to make a mini...
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    Bunch grass?

    Anyone feed bunch grass (or tussock) to their tortoises?
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    Mississippi map turtle in outdoor pond?

    Currently I have 4 adult RES in my pond. I live in the Sacramento area and was wondering if Mississippi map turtles can be kept outdoors year round? Pond is 12x10’ and 4’ deep (about 3,000 gallons). Has plenty of filtration (botton drain, sieve, skimmer, sand and gravel filters). Also has air...
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    Grass from feed store ?

    Yes, leopard. 6 yrs old now. He eats a lot of grass but I was thinking if I could get some from a feed store it would be more convenient as I haven’t grown any grass in my yard since we moved to a new location.
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    Grass from feed store ?

    Anyone feed their tortoise grass from a feed store? I tried hay before but Yoshi won’t eat it. Not even if wet it and cut it up. He doesn’t like orchard grass also. I’m not certain what sort of grass they carry but it’s in a bale.
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    Is this normal?

    Mine do that as well when sunbathing. Sometimes looks like a ballerina!
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    Laying eggs IN the pond

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    Laying eggs IN the pond

    I have 4 awesome adult red eared sliders in my 3,000 pond. I got them from a guy who rescued them from an abandoned pond which was completely drained so the turtles were put of water for a while. He rescued about 20 or so turtles. Anyway, they seem very happy in the pond and have freedom to roam...
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    Yoshi @ 1.5 yrs And a question

    It is actually a smaller version of Tom’s original design:
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    Yoshi @ 1.5 yrs And a question

    Hi, I copied the design from this thread: ( it is very detailed). I use a mat and panel (both on a thermostat) for heat. You can cut some grass and mix it with his food. He’ll come to like it eventually. Good luck!
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    Greg T babies, Beans and Watson

    I haven’t checked in here in a while. Wow!!! Beans has gotten HUGE! And a momma now?!? Congratulations! I will inform Yoshi that he is now an uncle. Lol! I didn’t know they could reproduce at such a young age. How big is she now in inches? I think Yoshi is still at around 12-13” last time I...
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    Spineless cactus as staple

    I just got a bunch of food grade spineless cactus for free, some small (6"-1 ft), some big and thick (2 ft). Picked up about 50 or more pieces. (The guy had a huge row of them growing on his property). I read on the forum that some people feed this regularly. Can I feed any size or should I cut...
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    Are tortoises grossed out of their poop?

    I wish I could train him to do his business outside his nightbox! lol