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    Legality of "Mexican" desert tortoises

    I do not possess them yet so do not have photos. I have been told they did not come from CA.
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    Legality of "Mexican" desert tortoises

    What is the legality of keeping a desert tortoises, outside of their natural range? Someone has approached me (because I'm the local tortoise guy) with two (presumably) WC desert tortoises. Lord knows where they came from. I'm in Alabama and these are not gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus)...
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    Nature vs Nurture

    Yeah, not a sports fan at all. About as interesting as watching paint drying or growing grass. -------- Where might one get a temp probe? ----- She was out today as well as yesterday. We actually are about to hit an ice storm, so I decided to bring her in the next few nights.
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    Nature vs Nurture

    Have no idea what that reference is, but no. Kobe is the Swahili word for tortoise.
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    Nature vs Nurture

    So I had made the decision to let my sulcata winter in her burrow outside as opposed to bringing her inside. Here in southern Alabama, we don't get too many terribly cold nights where it doesn't get fair back during the day, but January can get pretty chilly (below 20'F at night and 40-50's in...
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    My Best Night Box Design Yet

    I just wanted to say that this design WORKS. Even here in southern Alabama, we have had some cold nights below 20'F. And my 4'x'4' box for my adult redfoots stays a nice 66-68'F. Definitely beats bringing big tortoises in every night.
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    Take your tort on the plane as an emotional support animal

    I agree. I see it with dogs all the time, and there's little people can do about it, even animal control, because legally, you cannot question the person about their so-called disability.
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    ESA to include more non-native species

    [*sigh*] I'm trying to resist a "I told you so" moment when so many members on this board balked at the notion that other species of animals would be brought under fire so soon after giant snakes were thrown under the bus by USFWS. Now we got parrots? Slippery slope, much? The writing is on...
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    Dumb mistake -Praying for a Xmas miracle

    He is doing okay. I have not had an opportunity to give him a warm soak with the hussle/bussle of Christmas with in-laws. Going to try and do so this evening. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers.
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    Dumb mistake -Praying for a Xmas miracle

    3 hrs after I brought him in, he did open his eyes and he has started moving around. :)
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    Dumb mistake -Praying for a Xmas miracle

    So last night, I had a headache when I came home from work, and coupled with the typical stress of helping the wife with getting everything ready for the holidays, I forgot to do my evening check of the pens outside and put the redfoot tortoises in their heated shed. This morning I went outside...
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    Thoughts on iguanas? Dif. Kinds of iguanas?

    Think of how territorial Russian tortoises and sulcatas can be, bumping & ramming into owners and nipping at fingers when especially hungry. Then imagine how things would be if tortoises could climb, jump around and whip people with long, tails, leaving nasty welts. Whatever you do, DON'T google...
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    Snakes and Tortoises

    Rattlesnakes, for the most part, go after warm-blooded prey. Tortoises are not on their menu. No fear.
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    PLEASE READ (turtle key chains in China)

    Even if 6.6 million Americans sign an online petition, it would not do anything. This is an issue with animal welfare laws in another country where we have no jurisdiction. I'm sure HSUS and PETA have contacted the right people, but let's face it folks: that country is going to have to change...
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    Yeah, garters and water snakes are pretty easy. You can also throw a frog in there for variety as well.