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    This is my most recent tattoo. I apologize for the crappy pictures, my blackberry doesn't have the best camera.
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    A fresh new look for Tortoise Forum!

    i like it! Nice change.
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    More snow, again????

    snow! not much but enough to make me miserable. More coming on sunday.
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    adult sulcata

    Your market for them is totally different than mine but i know someone a short drive from me with 2 adults for sale and they are asking $350 each (canadian dollars of course)
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    Outside tortoise pen.

    I just want the snow to disappear. More coming later today! Nice pens, the torts will be happy I am sure.
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    What i have to say may not be relevant considering I am in Canada. We too have seen changes here and have gone through tough times although not to the extent the people in the states have. I was affected when the auto industry took a dive, i lost my job. I went back to school looking for a new...
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    does Mazuri work for you? Good/Bad

    I have never used it and don't feel my torts need a manufactured food. It is winter, and i am in canada but i still manage to have a constant supply of grasses and weeds growing in my basement under UV lighting. It works for me :)
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    livingstones gender? (Tom)

    yup, i agree. Female
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    I know this has probably been covered somewhere on here but it is probably easier for me to ask than spend hours searching. What is a good level of humidity for my 2 year old sulcata? He already has some pyramiding that he came with when i got him and i really want to do everything i can to keep...
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    Unbelieveable Egg !!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the egg! i hope it contains a wonderful surprise. Keep us posted on the well being of both the egg and the mother.
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    Sulcata and Leopard housed together?

    I was just wondering if it would be insane to house a young Leopard tortoise with a young Sulcata? The Sulcata is around the 4" mark and the Leopard is a little smaller. I know that husbandry for both are very similar and was just wondering if any other members have house these two types...
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    Hi :)

    welcome to the forum :)
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    New to the Forum, not the hobby!

    Welcome to the forum, it is good to see more Canadians!
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    New outdoor Enclosure

    You will love the seeds from, they are awesome. Currently because it is winter i always have a couple flats growing and keep cycling them as my torts gobble it all up. Great little enclosure, your little guy is gonna have a great time out in the grass and sun.
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    is it a bad thing?

    Mine both get a little scrub when they have there soaking, i use a basic scrub brush for dishes on my big guy and use a soft tooth brush on my little guy and some hard to reach areas on the big one. They seem to enjoy it.