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    Mega Ray bulb's

    I'm having issues with their services too. I ordered three MVB from them on Feb. 2,2011. They email me a tracking number with UPS but UPS tracking states the package has not been pick up from ReptileUV. I have sent numerous emails (6 to be exact) to Bob but have not received any replies...
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    Hi To All - New to the Forum

    it was nice to meet you and your family. Good luck with the new Hermann tortoises.
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    Congratulations to Isa!

    congrats Isa. I hope you had a wonderful special day.
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    awesome pics. congrats on the new addition to your family.
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    New outdoor tortoise enclosure

    Candy, I'll put you on the list :)
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    New outdoor tortoise enclosure

    thank you for the compliments. Yvonne, my girlfriend's mom like the structure too and now I need to make a couple for her backyard to grow veggies. Today I used a water based deck sealer to make it water proof. I still new to do a few more coats. I also purchased all the material for...
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    New outdoor tortoise enclosure

    Hello gang, I just want to share my process of building an outdoor enclosure for my adult Hermanns. I current live in a townhouse so I have small terrace on my back. I like to take my torts outside when the weather is permits. Nothing better than cooking on the BBQ, drinking beer and...
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    Tim, I feel your pain. I was there month ago. I fly in from Canada and was so excited about the Galops but all I got some was some construction fences :( The zoo was an awesome experience but not seeing the Galops was disappointing.
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    Black Gold® Waterhold CocoBlend

    Thank Tom And Kristina for your input. I'll avoid this product.
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    Black Gold® Waterhold CocoBlend

    Hi, I was wondering if this product is okay to use in the tortoise enclosure. Here is are listed ingredients. Regionally formulated: contains Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coconut fiber, earthworm castings, pumice, dolomite lime, and an organic wetting agent thanks for your help...
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    zoomed repti lamp stand

    Hi Isa, I love this product. I use them for all my enclosures. They work great with MVB. I all so use the large deep dome lamp from pets and ponds. They are great retailer in Canada. Good luck with new tortoise.
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    Tortoise in Taiwan

    great pics. thank you for sharing
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    hatching period

    Hi Danny, Thank you for the information. I'm sad but not surprised :( All the four eggs had embryo development when put a pen light to them, I can see mini tortoise shapes. I was wondering if did something wrong in the incubation process. I have had two hatched since August from different...
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    hatching period

    Hi gang, My question is, can eggs hatch at different months if they were laid in the same batch? I have 4 eggs laid on New Years day. One hatched on Feb 27. The other three haven't hatched yet but I see embryo development in two of them. One seem to be rotten. thanks for the advice...
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    unburied eggs

    Guess what? The eggs were fertile and the first one hatched last night. I think two more will hatch shortly. I'm so glad I decided to incubate them