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    Tortoise Exercising

    The white ring is growth and that’s a good thing. She doesn’t appear to be overweight based off your photos. Tweak her diet a bit so it’s more weed heavy then store bought foods. Tortoise supply has dried dandelion and other blends that are good to mix in too. If you can work on an outdoor...
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    Yellow Bumps

    Yeah I've noticed that on the forum too.
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    5 days

    If you'd like to check in on your tort while you are away you could get an inexpensive webcam.
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    How to build a tortoise pool

    Looks great!
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    Ever experienced this?

    But yeah total jerk offs too, especially the boys 😹
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    Ever experienced this?

    I agree with Yvonne, it’s probably his glands.
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    Powdery Mildew - safe or unsafe?

    When in doubt throw it out.
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    new Russian won't eat

    They take a lot of time to adjust to anything and are very routine. You need to have patience with this species.
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    Tortoise worm count

    Unless you are seeing worms in the poop don't worry about it. As long as it's eating and the poop is solid you should be good.
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    Rescue turtle questions

    Thanks for taking this guy in and fixing him up!
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    Is my friends enclosure good?

    Yes far too small, not really humane with these species. They need a ton of room, those lights are really low too which may burn its eyes/shell. Please read the information in this link and share it with your friend...
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    outdoor pen while raining

    Hi, Mixing species is really frowned upon, you should separate.
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    Local Ad - Who can ID these two? (new title - In Need Of Rehab Advice!)

    Thanks for taking them in, those pictures were really hard to look at. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    My tortoise poop is runny

    Yeah the cucumbers are probably doing it, not something you want to feed regularly. I feed cucumbers if I think one is constipated or in need of extra hydration they shouldn't be a diet staple though. Mine love cucumbers so sometimes to entice them to eat soaked Mazuri or Zoo Med Pellets I'll...
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    You know you have a tortoise when...

    when you get excited over good looking tort poop!