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    Arlington Texas--Sulcata

    brendanjames is the new parent of Panzer. After speaking to him I think she'll be very content there. Thanks for all y'alls interest.
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    Arlington Texas--Sulcata

    No Maddie we bought him from a family that had kids that I felt were mistreating him. Heres a pic fr almost a yr ago, Hes grown a couple of inches since then.
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    Arlington Texas--Sulcata

    RE: Arlibgton Texas--Sulcata Will get a pic soon
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    Arlington Texas--Sulcata

    I have a female Sulcata (I think). She's 12 inches long, great health, no issues. $100.00 firm, pick up in Arlington Texas. Email [email protected]
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    Advice Please!! 2nd consecutive day of coming home to find Tilly on her back!!!

    Get the log out of there and see if it happens again. Or build the substate up high around the log so it becomes more like a tunnel. Is she flipped in a corner?
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    What to do with the poo

    I think thats more of an issue with meat eaters. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
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    ADORABLE new kitty!!!

    Handsome guy. We have an 8 week kitten that we bottle feed from 2 days of age. Found him in the back yard and think moma abandoned him. After taking him to the vet found he may have some colon issues which kinda confirmed our thoughts that he was abandoned. Still touch and go if he'll make it.
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    What to do with the poo

    Should work well. If you look at it after its dried its kinda like horse poo. A mixture of grasses.
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    water parameters

    I think your talking about if you have fish also. As dirty as turtles are theres no way you'll have those levels anywhere near zero unless your doing daily water changes or the habitat is heavily planted. I have a 5" red eared slider in a pool about 5' wide with some Mollys and Goldfish with a...
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    Best dog breed with torts

    Tried to keep out of this. I see so many giving human qualities to our pets, which is what gets them in trouble. So going to make this real simple, ANIMALS ARE ANIMALS, they mainly survive by instinct. Any time you mix species especially predators you take a chance. Your decision is is that...
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    The End Of Pyramiding

    In other words, they go into a humid environment, and while they're there, they poop and pee, keeping the humidity level up. I would hope that we would be a little more forgiving than you suggest, and chew on you just a bit, but be lady-like and not do any spitting! Big Grin Yvonne G. This is...
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    Best/Safest Way to Attach Something to a Sulcata's Back?

    ever seen those blinking lights that people put on their lapels, for instance a santa claus at x-mas time? double stick tape with some sort of blinking led light would work.
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    The End Of Pyramiding

    I hope i don't get chewed up and spit out by this group. I'm kinda questioning the humidity thing. Has anyone seen a wild caught specimen and how many to give a good comparison? Here is an interesting article about their homeland I'm wondering if this problem...
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    King snakes

    trust me he isnt going to stay in your yard and as chairman stated someone will probably kill it on sight
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    Help!! eyes never opened after hatching 2 years ago

    jmho but after 2 yrs I would think he will be as he is