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    Thanks for the responses everyone :D
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    Thanks for your input, Ed :)
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    I was thinking of having a coop for sure, since there is a lot of foxes where I live. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out :)
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    Hey everyone! My family and I are considering getting some chickens, maybe six or so. We are getting them for eggs, not meat. I was just wondering if any of you have any recommendations or tips, as we've never had farm animals before. Our family has kids, so we want to find a chicken that is...
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    Tortoise needed for First grade class

    Tortoises are not a good option for classrooms. They do not like noise, excessive handling, or small enclosures. If possible, we always try to provide and outdoor enclosure that is at least 7 feet by 7 feet. And that is the bare minimum for a tortoise. They are also very expensive to upkeep...
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    Redfoot for adoption

    Hey everyone, I just saw this cute tortoise on petfinder. She in the RI area. Looks like she's had a rough life, but would still make a great pet.
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    New etsy store!

    Thanks everyone! So far I've made 4 sales :D
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    Looking to adopt a tortoise in MA or New England Area

    I have an ad in the for sale section that you can check out.
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    Looking to adopt a tortoise in MA or New England Area

    Hello, I'm in CT and I have two redfoots for sale.
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    Two redfoots

    I have posted several ads, but I need to find them homes. I have two available redfoots, one is a little over a year old, one is 8 years old. The smaller redfoot is 50$, and the larger tortoise is 75$. I don't have the option to post pictures in the for sale section, so if you would like...
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    Young Redfoot

    Hey everyone! I still have a year old redfoot for sale. It is 75 dollars plus shipping. I have its exact hatch date, so you can track its age. If you are interested, message or email me! thanks. Email: [email protected]
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    The redfoot is still available! If interested please email or message me. Thanks.
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    Sad day

    Thanks everyone with all the help! It means a lot :):<3:
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    Sad day

    Ya. I talked to my mom about it, and I think she can take care of her for a year or so. Who knows, I might end up living at home during college.
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    Sad day

    I've been thinking, and I spent some time with Shelly. I honestly don't think I can imagine my life without her. So, I'm going to try and find a way to keep her. I know it will be hard, but I think I can do it if I really try. I'm totally free tomorrow, so I'm going to revamp her cage and try...