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    All you need to know about Aldabra Giant Tortoises

    Hi, Thanks for your feed back. It Is much appreciated, We will try to upload some better pictures.
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    All you need to know about Aldabra Giant Tortoises

    Hi Everyone, We’ve just finished building a new page with all the information about our well known Aldabra Giant Tortoises. We’re inviting you all to check it out! Today Aldabra reminds us of an ancient era when reptiles ruled the world. Millions of years ago giant tortoises roamed virtually...
  3. Aldabra Land Giant Tortoises

    Aldabra Land Giant Tortoises

    Our Aldabra Tortoises Enjoying Fresh Veggies
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    Aldabra Giant Land Tortoise

    Our Tortoises enjoying some delicious tomatoes.
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    Good Morning from Seychelles!!!

    Join us on our farm. We’re based up in the mountains in the mangroves of the Seychelles.
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    Photos captured today of our beautiful Aldabra Tortoises

    Get your Aldabra Tortoises straight from the Seychelles! Visit our website for more information about our tortoises and our farm.
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    Some photos of our amazing Aldabra Tortoises

    If you’re ever in Seychelles and would love to visit our farm let us know via our page.
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    New Borns

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    Aldabra Tortoises 12/02/19

    Enjoying the best banana leaves on the island
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    Aldabra Tortoises Seychelles Pictures from Farm 24/01/19

    Enjoying the View from our farm overlooking our inner islands
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    Aldabra Giant Tortoises [emoji217]

    Few buddies from our village enjoying each others company [emoji217]
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    Few Pictures of our Beautiful Aldabra Tortoises

    Thank you. I will post more pictures up soon. Please note that we in courage everyone to visit our farm here on our very small tropical island of Seychelles the land of the Aldabra Giant Land Tortoises. It’s a great experience and the best part of it all is if you fall in love with one of our...
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    Few Pictures of our Beautiful Aldabra Tortoises

    Good Day, This is not a tortoise enclosure. This is a box moving them around the farm. The grass added in the box helps the tortoises to calm down while being moved. This corner above is also one of our tortoise water areas and as someone that seems to care a lot about tortoises. you may know...
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    One of our Beautiful Aldabra Tortoises

    One of our Tortoises smiling for the camera.