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    Coconut Oil

    Someone cleaned up the thread...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Can't argue with success...
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    Tortoise Pen Build Thread

    Oh boy... I see my future...
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    Good hide.

    That's great, you can dirt mound over the top and put grass/ plants...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Soaked for 4 minutes, it's soft and smushes... I tried it plain and he's eating it! Chris, why the original preference?
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    I'll check, I bought a small bag at Petco not long ago. I'll take a photo when I prep it...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Hey Tom, the LS I have is actually smallish pellets and did soften when soaked. Not nearly as quickly as the regular, but after about 5 minutes they squished. I toss my Mazuri with dried herbs but they are the LS plain. But... I'm the only person I've found to have torts that eat the LS so...
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    Mazuri LS for Hermann's?

    Based on ingredients, the LS looks like the healthier option. I bought a huge bag of the regular, but mine eat both, so I'm going to try to focus on the LS and phase out the regular. Clearly the regular isn't bad, I just assume corn is less healthy than hay...
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    Coconut Oil

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    Huge accomplishment!

    Congrats! Hard work pays off!
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    Mazuri torotise diet LS

    Since it's hay, doesn't sound appropriate for a Hermanns... glad I just bought some to try!
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    Found a bug in my enclosure

    I've got bugs too... in the process of trying to ID. The overwhelming theory is it's from unsterilized coco.
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    overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...

    This place is dead anyway...
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    Not related exactly, but if life or death you can always put in a small container, and inside a larger sweatshirt that you're wearing. I used to transport my lizards in bags underneath my shirt for long drives to and from college. It was a little overkill, but made me feel better.
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    Is anyone else a petty thief?

    Turn yourself in... when the cops laugh at you... you know you're fine.