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    HELP!! my tortoise ate my mooncup

    I realized that after four years, I have forgotten what is Mooncup and that Nuv.. kind of thing.
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    Covid-19 Coronavrius Lockdown

    I mean taken away for the real thing. I think my pets would die. Because probably no one would want to visit my place too
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    Covid-19 Coronavrius Lockdown

    Amid this lockdown, I am concerned about being taken away for quarantine because there would be no one care for my stars. Stay safe everyone
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    My tortoise squeak sometimes

    Probably he was frightened and suddenly withdraw, that would produce a hissing squeaky sound
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    A Star is Born!

    Wonderful. I never had an egg hatched before.
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    Goodbye my little Louie..

    This is very interesting. Two decades ago, my friend's dead star tortoise was thrown away by his mother. He was furious as he said he wanted to keep the shell. I appeased him by saying that the tortoise would undergo rotting and would be messy. We live in apartments and have no personal...
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    Feeding cactus to Tortoises?

    I want to update that I did took one of these, de Spine it and fed to my tortoises. Because someone broke one of the pots and I got some broken cactus. One ate it readily, while the other hesitated at first and then also ate it. Once de spine, they are like some kind of cucumbers. Anyway...
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    Goodbye my little Louie..

    Sorry to hear that. None of the people I know who bought baby tortoises two decades ago managed to keep them alive. I think it is not easy, especially during that era without information
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    My tortoise is an idiot...

    The tortoise is just being active. Just like humans running on a threadmill going nowhere
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    I just cut my tort's nails.

    @Tortillo, One day, I saw that my lady tortoise was bleeding on her thumbs on both of her front legs. Both nails were like torn away. I suspected that a bird must have flown into my house and attacked her. About two years later, I could see that the nails are regrowing out of the thumbs...
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    I just cut my tort's nails.

    Yup Thanks @Markw84 . I know that the long nails probably is for that purpose as the male has seen little growth in his nails so far.
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    I just cut my tort's nails.

    Before cut Nail cutters Ok. I just gave my female tortoise a pedicure again last night. This time round I am more equipped with a proper small pet nails cutter. In the last cut, I used a human nails cutter scissors and it went misaligned after use. And of course my tortoise thanked me...
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    Stars Eating Cactus Pads

    Omg you have so many @Tom . My eggs so far have never hatched before.
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    I just cut my tort's nails.

    I am abit shy to share my photos.