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    Turtle Survival Alliance HQ suffers fire damage.
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    Introducing my first tortoise! PEC

    Princess Earth Crystal and I have recently passed our 1-year anniversary. She (or he) has gained almost 400g in that time. Her favorite things are soaked Mazuri and wild clover. She's always had a slight underbite (but that's never caused a problem), and she always closes her eyes when she...
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    New Set Up - Opinions Please

    That is the best idea.... why don't I ever think if things like this?!
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    My official p.pardalis leopard tort page

    Karoo and Addo are gorgeous. I love the patterns of PPs. How many from Rodriguez Chelonians do you have?
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    Wanda Patterson is selling a P.pardalis.

    Just sharing in case someone here is interested. Not trying to start a debate about species / subspecies / clade. Sorry if the link doesn't work. It's on
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    My first Leo called Geo (Import stress?)

    She has lovely coloration. I hope she begins to thrive while in your care and that you share photos as she grows.
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    Live naked people

    I'm guessing rose hips and alfalfa pellets.
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    Pitre's Pardalis, Sulcatas, & more

    Great experience with obtaining a Leopard hatchling. Well-started with visible growth. She eats anything I offer and is less fearful than other Leopards I've met. The best part, besides the healthy tortoise, was the ease of communication. Even if I was asking annoying questions (which I...
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    Elohi's leopard group

    The variation of your babies is remarkable. I also follow you on fb and love seeing your updates.
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    Babcocki vs. Pardalis

    Are there specific characteristics you see or is it an overall appearance that's different? I was given no guarantee of its lineage when I obtained it and assumed it would be unlikely to have pp blood.
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    Babcocki vs. Pardalis

    This photo sums up the entirety of my Leo experience. It shows my pb and pp side by side. They both hatched last year, and I've had them since August. The pp is much less likely to duck into her shell when approached or handled. Both will readily eat Mazuri from my hand or approach the food...
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    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    Love the dark colors. All Leos are lovely, but I am partial to the speckling on the adult pp's.
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    Who bought Riparian Farm's South African Leopards?

    I was looking again at Will's chart. I went to Riparian Farms website and saw the message left about the Ivory Sulcatas and was curious about the PP's. Honestly, I have no other reason than that I enjoy reading about the...
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    Who bought Riparian Farm's South African Leopards?

    That's great! Congratulations!
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    Who bought Riparian Farm's South African Leopards?

    I saw on RF's site that their Ivories were sold to Ballands. Anyone know who got the PP's?