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    Pheonix's growth

    Thank you!! 😁
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    Need help with pricing!- 1.1 proven Leopard pair with split scutes

    I'm no expert but those look like they are both female.
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    New Leopard Tortoise

    What a cutie! It's a bit small to tell but I think that it's a male. But I'd recommend reading the care sheets and adjusting the temps.
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    Pheonix's growth

    Hey everyone! It has been a minute! Pheonix is doing better than ever and luckily warmer weather is approaching within the next couple months so he can get outside more. He's gained a lot of weight and is growing fantastically. I hope to try to be a little bit more active on here when time...
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    New to this website

    Welcome to the forum
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    Is this normal?

    I'm not an expert but it looks normal to me. :) It looks like it's just the pattern that he has.
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    Please welcome our tortoise family

    Wow! Welcome! You have great looking tortoises. :)
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    My tortie isn't walking right...

    Yikes! Poor baby. As many other people have said also, I think it's best for him to be taken to a vet. Looks pretty bad :( Hope he feels better soon.
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    Pheonix's growth

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I sadly had a family member pass away a few days ago. Phoenix is doing great though! Happy late halloween guys! I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but in the back there is tape on the walls! I'm happy to say that we are finally redoing the pet room...
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    quarantine quarantine one more time quarantine.

    I totally agree with this! Thank you for putting this out there!
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    Pheonix's growth

    I made Pheonix a cake today!! 🤣🤣🤣 Why you ask? I honestly have no idea, but this quarantine has me super bored!
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    Pheonix's growth

    Thank you! Things have been rough to say the least. Hope you stay safe as well!
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    Pyramiding or healthy?

    He looks pretty good to me! He has a unique shell shape but that's not a problem at all :)
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    Pheonix's growth

    I haven't been very active on here lately! I have been so busy with work and a family crisis. Phoenix is doing great though. He has been eating great and gaining weight he is about 140 grams now! I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to update you guys again soon!
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    Male or Female RT

    Looks to me like a female.