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    Few Eastern boxes

    I wish I had a pic of one a few weeks back. Not as colorful, but easily double the size of that male. Biggest eastern I've ever seen in my life.
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    Few Eastern boxes

    I love traveling the back roads after a summer shower. Big boy was bold with nice colors. Female wasnt having any of my shenanigans though.
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    Your top 3 most neglected turtle/tortoise in the hobby?

    I do, but they simply don't care. Oh it does that all the time & flips back over. If every petco, petsmart, & large chain would stop selling livestock (including dog/cat adoptions) it would drastically reduce improper care of pets.
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    Is My Tortoise Really This Smart?

    Well I guess it's somewhat intelligent. It just caught on to the routine after repetition.
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    Your top 3 most neglected turtle/tortoise in the hobby?

    Everything sold at a local Petco or chain store. Those stores really need to go out of business tbh. They hurt so much more than they help. Top 3 around here. Sulcata's, Russians, & red ear sliders Thats just the cheapest & easiest to get. Education is there, but people refuse to look it up...
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    Diapers for tortoises?

    It fits perfectly with the mom/dad/shell baby moniker & letting them loose in your house pooping & peeing everywhere 🤮. By all means please put a diaper on your tortoise, but whomever please post pics when you do 🤣.
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    Sad whats going on in FLA

    So what's more ethical if you cant find a home. Euthanize or release into the wild to wreck the ecosystem? That's literally the crossroads we're at.
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    Someone on reddit saying that owning a tortoise supports the illegal pet trade. Thoughts?

    What they're talking about is the US will accept an animal with no origin cites papers. I guarantee no one is wasting their time with redfoots or anything common. Maybe the star tortoises or Galapagos that's still an almost impossible task. What you can do is take dart frogs for instance. A...
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    Size of vivarium

    I have a Hermann's in a 6x4x3 at around 4yrs old +/-. Right now I think it has plenty of room to be content. It was in a temporary 4x4 crate & was running into the walls non stop. I still need to put final touches on it, but the shell looks great with the humidity control.
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    Sad whats going on in FLA

    Too little too late I was seeing exotics in florida in the 90s. We were catching & eating those big oscar fish you see for sale. The stupidity is on another level. They brought alligators up here for random crazy get rid of the beaver theories & now you have to watch where you're at. They can...
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    My juvenile loggerhead musk turtle doesn’t eat shrimp

    You can chop them up. Red wigglers do this slime that a lot of fish/turtles dont like
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    My juvenile loggerhead musk turtle doesn’t eat shrimp

    Earthworms as in red wigglers or Canadian night crawlers? Try the nightcrawlers if you haven't already
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    Facebook groups

    I've thought about shutting down my facebook. The only reason I use it is for market place & talking about animals since my wife doesn't care. The tortoise groups are about as bad as it gets imo. It's like all the people that got told they were wrong here decided to make a safe space for poor...
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    Interesting observation

    It's funny. I'm not sure which box you have, but I run across easterns all the time. They can navigate ponds, rock faces, logs, etc in the wild. You put a funky water dish in their area in captivity & they flip over. I dont know which is worse raccoons or this demon in a cat costume. This sucker...
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    Would This Enclosure Be Okay?

    That room has to be uncomfortable though. Personally I think its an outdated practice from the keep them dry days that we refuse to let go of. I live in the south like her & maybe in the attict it would work. Best humidity I could manage with central heat/air in an uninsulated garage is 40% with...