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    Weeds not growing, is Pre Alpin ok?

    Sammy please send me a private message. Im also in Hong Kong. I know this post is little old but I only now found it whilst doing a "google". I would like to order preAlpin its the best food there is so if there are enough of us wanting it it would be worth while getting a load shipped.
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    What sun light did...

    So lovely, yep i also think its real sunshine that does the trick plus a good diet.
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    Agrobs cobs

    Has anyone tried the German product Agrobs. Its meant to be extremely good. Im trying to decide if I should import some baby feed. They have been making horse and pet food for many many years. I just know I will go to all this...
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    How much should Horsefields be fed?

    My vet informs me a tortoises tum is more or less the size of twice its head. I good guide to how much it can eat at one sitting?
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    Radiated PEEK A BOO

    I love this Stars do the same. Just one peek and they stop eating. Though mine have got to the freeze in action stage already, I believe this is quite advanced in the stages of shyness. Can I ask what its excreta looks like on that diet? Im having a devil of a time preventing soft slushies.[hr]
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    Never replys?

    Never fear Tyler, we may not yet have a solution to the American debt crisis, but Im sure most of your questions can be answered. I was wondering if tortoises liked wild rabbit (hare) poo as a snack........still waiting for an answer? Anyone?
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    What kind of tortoise do I have?

    Im clueless, but dont worry Im sure its a survivor, or why would it have chosen you?
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    Am i doing this right?

    Oh my goodness me do red feet like pinkies? Thats a rather extreme tortoise. I like. How do they eat such things, whole or bits? Its just i was in a reptile shop nd I saved two rats pinkies. Do they honestly love pinkies Im rather impressed given their beaks. My rats are now a year old and...
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    what to use.

    Jimmy is still cracking corn and I dont know why but if it makes him happy I am too. How big is your tortoise. Im just using builders planks I stole from next door. Some can limb some cant....... [hr] [hr] Is Ontario warm?
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    Exotic Animals As Pets

    [hr] Sorry about spelling its under the influence of Strauss, Vier letze lieden
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    Exotic Animals As Pets

    Wah I love this debate its so civil for starters but also so important. I believe firmly that the government or rther the Animal and fisheries department should be allowed to tell us what we are able to care for and what not in conjunction with NGO orgs that monotore the various species around...
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    soon to be tortoise owner

    Have you done as much research as possible on the needs of the species? Such as diet sunshine housing etc. Worst is a dry glass tank with a lamp for heat and another for UV? I would also strongly advise a captured bred tortoise but I would also advise a slightly older tortoise 2-3 years old...
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    have you got a ittle humidifier, they work wonders and look so pretty as the mist spirals around.
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    Someone near anaheim rescue this poor turtle

    Im thinking he could recover with bit of immediate TLC. Get it slowly into sunshine add calcium plus correct food, file its beak and why not? The carapace will grow. It seems incredibly rather sturdy on its crippled little legs.
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    Tortoise theft in Lodi, CA

    Moochie that sounds horribly suspicious. The seller should have a secluded reception area and proper security. Far as I can see that tortoise looked too small and young to steal or be sold. What are the state laws on size and age?