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    Suitable tortoise food?

    Is it normal for an 8 month old Sulcata Tortoise to not eat at all ? He seems to be skipping days where he just doesn't eat at all.
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    How to despine/prepare cactus. [video]

    after you spray with water what is the brown stuff you are sprinkling on the cactus?
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    Concern about greens from store

    How do you give your tortoise the prickly pear? do you remove the quills?????
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    Not Hungry Like He Used To Be

    I have been giving my 10-11 mo old sulfate tortoise Mazuri pellets usually 2 a day but for the last week he stopped eating them and he used to love them.....also he stopped eating in the last couple of weeks when he used to devour everything in sight...does anyone give their tortoises romaine...
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    Baby Sulcata lethargic and not eating

    I also have a sulcata young tortoise about 8-9 Mos old who all of a sudden stopped eating too. Until this he was a great eater....the Mazuri food he loved along with lettuce, and just about everything I gave him....about a week ago he just stopped eating . A friend who works at the Phoenix...
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    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    Your article has really helped me....I got 2 baby sulcatas about 6 Mos ago and all of a sudden one of them the other one is refusing to eat anything....I have tried giving it everything you mentioned above but it hasn't eaten in 3 days....any suggestions...I think it misses its friend.
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    What substrate is best?

    I work at the Phoenix Herpetological Center and there they use rabbit pellets for bedding
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    Is he pyramiding?

    I see the picture and why do you think he is pyramiding? the bottom of his shell looks like it is turning up that it? because the top of his shell looks fine like my 2 tortoises look
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    We just recently moved to Arizona and I have a one day a week job at the Phoenix Herpetological...

    We just recently moved to Arizona and I have a one day a week job at the Phoenix Herpetological Center ....where I take care of reptiles including hundreds of Sulcata Tortoises....feel free to contact me at [email protected] ....I adopted a baby sulfate and then another one....and I would love to...