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    Sulcata ramming sprinkler!

    My sulcata has recently started trying to ram the sprinkler I use to water his lawn. I’ve seen him bite at it a few times also. He is male about 15 inches long. About 4 years old. Any reason he would suddenly want to fight the sprinkler?
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    Best way to give sulcata calcium?

    I always leave cuttle bones in the tortoise enclosure. I like them because he gets calcium and it helps trim his beak
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    Are wild lizards in outdoor tortoise enclosures ok?

    I have green anoles all in my tortoise enclosure. Have even seen an ankle basking on my Sulcatas shell. There is risk, but I have never had a problem. As Tom stated the lizards also rid the enclosure of bugs. I do try to relocate toads I find in the enclosure, they like to soak in the water...
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    Sullies in the snow

    Wow, that’s amazing. My sulcata Rex won’t come out when it’s chilly and yours are playing in the snow. Stay safe, I know y’all are catching it right now
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    During the winter. I bring my sulcata in the house every few days to soak in the tub. He’s about 13 inches and 15lbs. Anyway I started giving him cucumbers in the tub to make sure hydrated. I figured if he is constantly bobbing for cucumber chunks he has got to be taking in some water. I end...
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    Sulcata growth, 4 years

    The last to pics need to be swapped around
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    Sulcata growth, 4 years

    I know it’s hard to pin point a growth rate for a sulcata. I feel like my sulcata Rex is on the smaller end of the spectrum. He was hatched in a dry environment and first couple months kept at out dated standards. Will that effect his growth rate for life? This is him the 4 years I’ve had him.
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    Oil radiator heater on thermostat?

    Thanks for the reply Tom, I’ve already taken care of it. I posted this in March. Yeah I decided against the Che, I have a oil filled heater on a thermostat, and using a heat Matt on a separate thermostat. I’ve got a male Sulcata, about 13 inches and around 15 lbs. thanks again for the reply
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    New puppy!

    Thanks, first Rottie for us
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    New puppy!

    She a girl, been calling her Reba. I had no plans of getting her. My buddy got her and couldn’t keep her. He called to see if I could keep her until he found her a home. About 3 hrs into her being in my home and playing with us, the wife says happy Father’s Day.
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    New puppy!

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    Where do you guys get your Mazuri

    I get mine off of Amazon
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    Male or female

    A friend gave me a juvenile eastern box turtle, can someone please tell me if it’s male or female
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    I don’t have a leopard tortoise, but I have a sulcata. They will eat just about anything. I would learn what weeds you have and go from there. You can take some pics of the weeds and post them in the plant Id section of the tortoise diet forum. If you keep a really close eye on him, I don’t...
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    Locking tortoise up at night?

    I get that. Luckily I live out in the sticks. My tortoise pen can’t be seen from the front yard. And a watch dog that’s too bold for her own good lol.