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    Russian Tortoise Habitat - Outdoor

    Digger's new digs: I spent all of last fall digging this 4 x 9 ft. enclosure. For Easter, Digger went outside into his new digs for the first time and gnoshed on dandelion. Have planted squash and bell pepper seeds. Plan to put herbs in the corners where the concrete block have openings. Still...
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    Spring photos!

    Digger celebrated Easter by going outside in his new habitat for the first time this season and gnoshing on dandelion.
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    Rehabbing orphaned 6 week old groundhog- pinworms need advice

    Gorgeous dog. My husband and I have both had run ins with aggressive dogs when walking our rough colllies. It is not a good situation. I was even dragged through gravel. I am one to give the animal the benefit of the doubt as far as fault ( I'm only 4' 10"). I read that pit bulls were bred...
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    Are these Sedum safe?

    I never give my Russian anything grown from a nursery or florist. They use chemicals to encourage growth and the tort will ingest it from the plant. Anything I purchase from these places has to grow in my care (without chemical fertilizer) for at least a year before I offer it for food...
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    Are these common enclosures?

    Just a P.S: Sweaters are adorable but hinder their breathing. Torts breathe through their shell. Sweaters do not keep them warm. Torts are cold blooded animals and get their heat from outside their body. That is why they seek you out for warmth. They are darling and so is all your concern.
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    Thanks, puts my mind at ease. I read up a bit on this and find that Zeropilot is in agreement with my book on Russians. Digger seems just fine by all intents and purposes. To be on the safe side, I am going to empty the terrarium and replace with new bark and sprinkle in some diatamacious...
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    Dry shell

    This "pyramiding" can not be reversed. But, moisture and high fiber diet will keep it from getting worse. Soaks, a little oil on occasion and lots of leaves in the diet.
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    Dry shell

    Got any pictures?
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    Russian Tortoise age

    My exotic vet showed me to count the rings around a section on the top of the shell - like you count the age of a cut tree by the rings around it. Am I being clear? The pet store estimated my tort to be about ten years when I bought him about 5 years ago. He was a little more than the 4"...
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    Dry shell

    I agree with Jamie. The natural oils are always better. Regular soaks are a great help. You can get the substrate too wet for a Russian; I prefer to mist every other day. Russians are desert torts and tend to look dry. I judge more by peeling skin. I don't mix but also use the coconut...
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    Recently had my Russian tort to vet. Had to mail in fecal sample. Came back that Digger has a parasite - not worms - but, a parasite the vet wants to give him medicine for. Says I need to bring him back for a dose. Don't remember what the vet called this parasite. QUESTION: What do they do...
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    Anyone recommend Zoo Med Natural Grassland Tortoise Food

    My tort won't eat after soaking. I have to feed him before the bath. All he wants to do after is burrow and snooze. 😴
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    I've been fooling him for about six years. I can continue to do so. I am relieved to find out it won't harm him to do this. I can keep him awake just afraid I could not wake him up after hibernating. I have my answer. Thanks everyone! ;)
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    Anyone recommend Zoo Med Natural Grassland Tortoise Food

    I use a coffee grinder and put greens with dry chow. Then moisten it if necessary. A least you know it's getting other stuff. Raw brockley and carrots chop up well. Good luck. . . . tortlvr Carrots need to be used sparingly and broccoli is not good for torts. Careful with the lettuce. They...
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    Tort only eating when hand fed

    I would suggest you check his heat and the temp inside his habitat. My Russian tort perked up his appetite when I increased his heat. For the most part, they should be 70 - 90 degrees. The warmer Digger is, the more he eats. When outside in our hot summers, he is ravenous. I am sure others...