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    Hi from Toto!

    He's very handsome! Give him lots of love. I bet he's glad you found him!
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    Hello from wintry Wisconsin.

    Welcome! Glad to have you. I have a 7mth old Dalmatian Hermann. This forum has been very helpful. I like your tort's darker facial features.
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    Here's what my vet recommended. He liked coconut oil too but preferred the Argan. It's a lighter oil with very little residue. I got it on Amazon. Make sure you get "cold pressed". I use it VERY sparingly - 2 drops for the baby and no more than once/wk. I do think it's making a difference.
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    1st birthday.

    Very handsome!!! Happy BDay!!
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    New to keeping tortoises!

    UVB rays are rather weak compared to UVA. Things like cloud cover, screened porches, time of day/year, or even screening over your enclosure with a UVB bulb will have an impact on UVB rays getting to the tort. Unobstructed direct sunlight is important. [hr] Daily soaks are suggested for the...
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    New to keeping tortoises!

    Fair enough - I would certainly defer to you on these matters - as I'm still the "newbie" as it relates to keeping a tort - but want to do my best to share learnings as best I can - especially for a fellow snake enthusiast.
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    New to keeping tortoises!

    I used to keep snakes (ball pythons) as well and now have a Hermann!! It's important you get the right setup for your tort - keeping them in any kind of glass aquarium is discouraged. Many on the forum use tortoise tables but a giant Rubbermaid container will suffice as well (especially as a...
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    Hermann tortoise's shell

    My 7mth old Dalmatian is doing same thing. You can it a little if you zoom in.
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    Beanz not happy I'm married!!

    Yes. He's a Dalmatian (about 7mos old) - and becoming quite a character!
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    Paarthurnax's First Trip to the Vet!

    Thx! The thing that makes this particular oil useful is that it doesn't leave an oily residue. It's very light - and is supposed to penetrate the shell better - and works quite well on cuticles also - so I've been told!!! Lol!!
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    Paarthurnax's First Trip to the Vet!

    I read a lot of negative posts on the Vita Shell from this forum and others - so I recently switched to "cold pressed" Argan Oil - also recommended by vet. It's a little pricey - bought mine on Amazon but you only need a few drops. I put it on mine a couple times/wk after soak before feeding...
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    Meet the handsome Lemon!

    He's super handsome!!!
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    Beanz not happy I'm married!!

    Starting to think it might be a girl. Not liking the wedding band!!!
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    Where's the poop??!!!

    YYYYYYYYUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!! At least they're efficient! I guess I have a lot to learn. :)
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    @ Tom, Here's the current setup for 6mth baby Hermann... Please look at both water dishes. Do you recommend either - one is an "oasis" style that has fake "rock" to climb out. The other is just a basic corner dish with about 2" of water. Dimensions of enclosure are 36" x 20" x 18" High. It's...