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    Thank you. I upgraded them since then but all I used was wood for the square table then I line the bottom with plywood. To make a 6 x 4 enclosure. I think but might have been bigger. Anyways I cover the enclosure with a plastic tarp to keep in humidity after feeding and cleaning. I would say its...
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    Meet grandpa Joe

    wow! they gotten big!
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    My Aldabra -Jackson

    awesome looking tort
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    My Aldabra- General

    getting huge. Good job!
  5. New member of Family

    New member of Family

    Here is our new member Shield.
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    My Aldabra- General

    that's awesome! congrats
  7. New setup for tank, bowser, Rex

    New setup for tank, bowser, Rex

    Here is some updates on Tank, Bowser, and Rex enclosure.
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    lol. I love it.:D
  9. Tank foraging

    Tank foraging

    Tank foraging and trying out the cat grass.. maybe lol
  10. Enclosure Upgrade

    Enclosure Upgrade

    Here it is another upgrade again. Always upgrading and wanting better but you all know how it is and pretty sure its the same for everyone lol, but finally got my Zenn habitat that I ordered for a better humid and warm hide for the torts at night came in. Really like How the enclosure came out.
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    I use am currently using a 100W Super Sun UV Repti Zoo bulbs.
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    beautiful torts. can't wait till mine get that big. Such awesome bonds.:)