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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    yes he is very spoiled 🐢❤️ Figured since he is our only critter we may as well do it up right lol....
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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    the inside is the next project 😃 finishing getting the trenches dug for power I will definitely share as we go along. Got our Kane heat Matt and thermostat. For his sleep box 🐢
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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    Finished installing the flowerbeds for growing tortoise greens. Decided we are going to put both rose of Sharon trees in 😃 just have to plant grass seed and my weed mix from Tortoise Supply. Let Sheldon run around in his new dig and he finally decided there where no monsters in the burrow and...
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    My 3 Stooges!

    Wow! Ellimay they are gorgeous as always and everyone is getting big! 🐢 interesting how unique each of their personality’s are. Is that mazuri not soaked?
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    My tortoise mugs

    Love them!❤️🐢
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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    Thank you Tom! We planned for that all panels are removable so we can expand the pen as needed ❤️🐢
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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    They crack me up on how curious they are! Definitely can’t get away with changing anything without notice 😂🐢
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    Outdoor enclosure with shed

    Phase one is complete 😃 getting ready to start phase 2ground cleared and ready to build fence going up the inspector checking out the work on his burrow 😂🐢 now phase 2 is irrigation and planting phase 3 will be completing the inside of the shed
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    Maggie, love your stories and adore Knobby he is such a character 🐢❤️ Thank you for sharing him with us
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    ✅ done
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    Our Sheldon

    Thank you it has been a great adventure raising him so far, working on the next level of getting his permanent outdoor enclosure done. Follow the awesome advice on this forum and your Sully will greatly benefit ❤️🐢
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    Opo 2.0

    Have birthday Opo 🎉🎉 very beautiful cake Rose ❤️
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    Well Water?

    Well water is safe to use 😊. If it’s good enough for us to drink then it’s fine for your tortoise 🐢. It is all I use for mine
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    Our Sheldon

    Here is Sheldon with the original 2 inch statue @ Yvonne suggested I take periodic growth pictures with 😂 he is now 12 inch
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    Lighting for outdoor shed

    Thank you Mark, we planned on making sure to have uvb for him and basking on timers like his inside enclosure had. I probably asked the question wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️ It should have been more what kind of configuration and type of lighting used. I very much appreciate everyone’s kindness in responding and...