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    Alive or Dead? Help!!

    Your input is still timely, Karen , and still appreciated, I'm sure.
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    Emergency rescue of my desert torts after flooding last week./ trouble hibornating indoors .

    Its probably best that you set them up in a reliable refrigerator with the temperature set to between 45 and 50 degrees. Place each of them in their own breathable box or tub in a covering bed of dry leaves or shredded newsprint. Check the temperature regularly and allow a new supply of fresh...
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    New Desert Tortoise Hatchlings

    Hi, our 4 CDTs are sleeping for the winter right now, but once they awaken, a few of their favorite foods include mulberry leaves, grape leaves and cactus pads. You might try these as you wean your's from lettuces and expensive commercial pellotized foods.
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    SoCal folks...

    Oh ya . . . are you offering to pay? Nah . . . I wouldn't do that to a friend. We'll have to find a coffee shop where the friendship is more important than a swanky ambience and outrageous prices.
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    SoCal folks...

    Totally captured by the name . . . just must be my kind of place. Oops . . . viewed the menu as you suggested, now not so much of a fan. My gracious . . . I don't think our weekly grocery budget is anything like a meal for 2 at Wally's. Those prices tend to upset my digestive system.
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    What’s in a name

    Thank you, Karen. I guess you had to be there.
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    What’s in a name

    "Orv" is just short for "Orvil". My mother called me "horrible Orvil". I hope to have outgrown that moniker.
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    Tortoise-riding Toddler

    What about grandfathers? My grandkids have all insisted upon a ride upon my shoulders when they were young. I think that they may have been slave drivers. Enough!
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    Congrats to our 2019 Tortoise Forum Calendar Contest WINNERS!!!

    KAREN: Congratulations! (by the way, we'll have to get together for lunch again soon).
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    Alfalfa- ok or not?

    Thank you, Mark.
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    Conversations with your kids

    Nancy and I watch Wagon Train nightly before bedtime. Its a good, wholesome show, with values we can appreciate, unlike most of those produced today. I guess that we're just old fogies . . . me, not you (Yvonne), or Nancy. We also enjoy The Big Valley and Dr. Quinn. Nancy retired from a career...
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    Alfalfa- ok or not?

    WILL: would there be any nutritional difference between freshly cut, green alfalfa, dried alfalfa, or re-hydrated pelletized sources? All assuming a well-hydrated diet.
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    What a pet tortoise for Florida

    I don't believe you. I read you're posts here in the forum and know that you ove them too, otherwise, why would you care for them so well?
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    Conversations with your kids

    I just took the fresh laundry out of the dryer and neatly folded them; they were so warm to my arthritic old hands on this cold afternoon. It's my poor wife who's having the harder time right now . . . she's doing the weekly grocery shopping at Walmart, on this the Saturday following Thanksgiving.
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    Conversations with your kids

    Golly, Yvonne . . . I've never minded working in the kitchen. It keeps my hands busy and I'm somewhat less likely to be reminded that the eves around the house need painting or that the tree in the front yard needs triming, or that the toilet needs fixing or that . . . well, I think you get the...