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    Canadians Only

    Hello! Mr. Orillion and I live in London, Ontario. We'd love to have a Greek tortoise, preferably, or if we can not find one, a Russian tortoise. It's a pity that tortoises are so hard to come by here; furthermore, we'd rather rescue someone a little older who would "appreciate" (in as much as...
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    Diatomaceous earth??

    Food grade DE is amazing. Pool grade DE is frightening. Your fly problem should disappear if you do dust. DE needs to be handled carefully. Other than that, folk dust for all sorts of insects on their hen farm, their goats, their horses, etc. with the stuff with satisfying effects. DE is...
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    Question: Carpet Treadmills for larger torts

    Thank you for your reply! =D The folk here are very nice people, and we're ever so glad to meet your acquaintances!
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    Question: Carpet Treadmills for larger torts Winter is a tough time for a tortoise if they're wanting to walk up here in Canada. There's sides on this, it only goes when they actually move their legs. It just seems like it may work. What do you think? Insanity or might be good idea...
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    Still at the "research" level - please help?

    Thank you, both, for your warm wishes. Mr. Orillion has mentioned he wants a sulcata. Period. Mrs. Orillion is more conservative. Greek, Hermann's, Marginated...the vegetarian smaller tortoises seem to her easier to keep. The only thing is that they need hibernation, we've read...
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    Thank you ever so kindly for the warmest of welcomes! So sorry we did not post earlier... I had quite 'lost' this thread. XD Hoping to mesh in well and be good little quiet denizens here. -H. Orillion
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    There's two humans at our home. One's stay at home, the other works away. One fostered puggle, age 5. (Working on finding her a 'forever home'.) One adopted guinea piggie, age 2.5. One house cricket, going on 5 months.
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    Still at the "research" level - please help?

    Have read and read and read; still at the 'research' level. Not even sure if a tortoise is for us, let alone exploring which kind we'd like to adopt. Looking for advice, please. If it turns out that we're not the "Ideal" parents then we will look into other types of 'sons/daughters' to...